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Network Analyzer Patch (Windows)

This patch fixes multiple issues in the Network Analyzer 3.1 release. This patch requires that Network Analyzer release 3.1 (version is installed prior to installing the patch. Please consult the release notes (ReleaseNotesRev3.1.105.001.pdf) in the patch download for details of specific fixes.

Installation Instructions

  1. Click on the link below to download the .zip file.
  2. Extract the files in the zip file to a folder on your hard disk.
  3. Open the release notes (ReleaseNotesRev3.1.105.001.pdf) and follow the installation instructions.
Release Date Version Version Description
2004-07-01 Click link to download and install.

How to Download

  • See Readme File

How to Install

  • See Readme File


  • Does Not Require a License

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