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ESA, PSA, EMC Web Remote Upgrade

The Benchlink Web Remote Control Software (Option 230) for the ESA, PSA, or E7400A analyzers enables you to remotely control your instrument over the internet or intranet. A local networked computer running the web remote software connects to the instrument via GPIB or Ethernet. The instrument control and measurements are then available remotely from any client computer on the internet or intranet with a standard web browser.

Key features include:

  • "Analog +" and "Persistence" displays in addition to the currently available "Standard Trace View", "Waterfall", and "Spectrogram"
  • Drag-and-drop graphical zooming
  • User-settable color mappings
  • Display lines
  • Remote detector control
  • Remote selection of "Alert Alignment" state for PSA
  • Arbitrary instrument control by remotely sending SCPI commands
  • Full support of LAN connection with PSA

No previous versions available.