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89410A, 89440A, 89441A Vector Signal Analyzer Firmware

Hardware modifications may be required for analyzers with serial numbers less than 3416A00619. Contact your nearest Keysight Technologies Service Center for details.

Release Date Version Version Description
2002-11-18 A.09.05 Firmware revision A.09.05 should be used on all versions of Keysight 894xx vector signal analyzers with an IF section (89410A) having a serial number greater than 3416A00619.

How to Download

  1. Click the Download button
  2. Save the file to your PC - If the directory Agilent 89400 already exists on your PC, delete all the files inside that directory before you download the file

How to Install

  1. Execute the AG894X0.EXE program > C:\AG89400> AG894X0.EXE
  2. Label and format three high density 3.5" disks > C:\AG89400> FORMAT A:
    Disk x: "Agilent 89410A and 89440A/41A Firmware Update Disk, Rev A.09.05, Disk x of 3"
  3. Insert Disk 1 into the disk drive
  4. Run the MAKEDISK.BAT batch file, specifying the disk drive parameter for your 3.5" disk drive > C:\AG89400> MAKEDISK A:
  5. You will be prompted to insert Disk 2 and Disk 3
  6. While power is off on your 89410A, insert Disk 1 into 89410A internal disk drive
  7. Turn power on and follow instructions given on the analyzer screen



  • Does Not Require a License

Installs on:


Operating System

  • DOS 3.1 or higher


  • PC with a 3.5" flexible disk drive that is compatible with high density (1.44 MB) disks.
  • Three 3.5" high density disks (1.44 MB)

Supported Instruments

  • 89410A, 89441A, 89441V