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NFA Series Noise Figure Analyzers Firmware

Obtain the NFA firmware by downloading the latest firmware file to a Microsoft Windows based PC and create the NFA upgrade disk set.

Release Date Version Version Description
2009-06-24 A.01.13 Changed internal self test I.F. Gain test limit to match internal R.F. hardware.

How to Download

  • Please Note: There are two different download files available. Be sure to choose the correct one based on the operating system that your PC or Laptop has installed. The download file will be initially stored to your PC or Laptop before the actual firmware disk set is made.
    1. Perform a long format to (6) floppy disks
    2. Download the firmware file
    3. Create the firmware disk set
    4. Install the firmware into your NFA Noise Figure Analyzer
    5. Verifying the firmware installation

How to Install


  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation