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Keysight 5DX 8.4.1 Software Release

Software Release Date: January 2007
5DX System Requirements: Series 3 & Series 5000
Controller Requirements: 2.8 Ghz IPC
Operating System: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
Software Requirements: 8.4

In our efforts to continually improve your experience, we are releasing the 8.4.1 software update. The Keysight 5DX 8.4.1 software update contains a series of changes to the 5DX software which improve the performance and simplifies the setup of the Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) algorithm. Specifically, 8.4.1 adds the following functionality to QFN:

  • Voiding detection and voiding compensation
  • Across measurements for both the Center and Heel regions
  • Moved non-essential thresholds to additional
  • Improved the descriptions of each threshold

For further details on how to setup the QFN algorithm, please read the Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) Application Note and Best Practices below.

Please note, this is a not a complete 5DX installation. The 5DX must already have the 5DX 8.4software installed prior to installing this patch.

Installation Instructions:

  1. All users of releases prior to 8.4.1 must first install the 8.4 release.
  2. Read the 5DX 8.4.1 Install Instructions. This document guides you through the installation of the 8.4.1 patch.
  3. Download and install the 5DX 8.4.1 patch to the 5DX.
Release Date Version Version Description
2007-01-31 8.4.1

Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows XP SP2


  • See Above

Supported Instruments

  • 5DX