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Keysight License Manager 6 Download

Keysight License Manager 6 download bundles a set of free software license management tools and documentation that enables you to easily manage licenses for your Keysight software products. This bundle includes: 

  • Keysight License Manager 6
  • Keysight License Server (agileesofd.exe)
  • Keysight Licensing Administrator's Guide
  • FlexNet Publisher Utilities (lmtools.exe, lmutil.exe, lmgrd.exe)
  • FlexNet Publisher Administration Guide

In many cases, the appropriate license management application is included in the installation of your Keysight product, or is preinstalled on your Keysight instrument. The Keysight License Manager 6 download is provided in case you need to upgrade these tools or to install them separately.

See Keysight Licensing Tools to determine whether Keysight License Manager 6 is the right licensing tool for your Keysight licenses.


If you will use USB portable licenses, you must have the appropriate Keysight Licensing USB Driver. This driver may be included in the installation of your Keysight product, or preinstalled on your Keysight instrument; it is also available for download free of charge on the Keysight Licensing USB Driver page.

Keysight License Manager 6

Keysight License Manager 6 gives you a visual representation of the licenses installed on your Keysight instruments and PC-based systems, and provides the following key features: 

  • Install licenses for new capabilities
  • Remove licenses for capabilities no longer needed
  • Borrow floating licenses for extended time periods
  • Set up license servers for sharing licenses

Keysight License Server

The license server, consisting of the license server manager and Keysight vendor daemon, is based on FlexNet Publisher technology. It can be configured as a local server to support licenses installed on your Keysight instrument or PC based system, and also as a remote server that shares floating licenses across the network. If you want to install the Keysight License Server by itself (without Keysight License Manager 6), for example on a dedicated license server machine, you can download it from the Keysight License Server page.

Keysight Licensing Administrator's Guide

This is a comprehensive administrator’s guide with information on managing your licenses with Keysight License Manager 6 and the Keysight License Server. It also provides guidance on how to use the FlexNet Publisher utilities to manually manage your licenses.

FlexNet Publisher Utilities

This is a set of license management utilities provided by Flexera. They are common to all FlexNet Publisher enabled products, and can be useful when deploying Keysight floating licenses into an environment where there are non-Keysight products that also employ FlexNet Publisher based floating license servers.

FlexNet Publisher License Administration Guide

This is a comprehensive administator's guide on the underlying FlexNet Publisher technology used by Keysight licensing.

Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version
2018-11-14 6.0.3 Build

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Système d'exploitation

  • Windows 7 (x64 64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (x64 64-bit)


  • No specific prerequisites