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Keysight X-Series Signal Analyzer Timeout Registry Patch

Keysight X-Series Signal Analyzer Timeout Registry Patch

The Microsoft ® .NET components that are included with instrument software revisions A.01.43 and beyond require three additional registry keys to set the proper timeout lengths. These registry keys were not included in revisions A.01.43 and A.01.44. Software revisions A.01.49 and beyond include the proper registry entries.

Without the proper timeouts set, an analyzer with software revision A.01.43 or A.01.44 will not always boot up correctly when connected to some LAN configurations. Symptoms of this are the following:

A. The Keysight Spectrum Analyzer splash screen appears momentarily and then disappears, so that the Windows ® Desktop is displayed
B. The analyzer hangs-up with the Keysight Spectrum Analyzer splash screen displayed, typically with “Initializing License Services (2/7)” displayed.

If you experience either of these symptoms, try re-booting the analyzer with the LAN cable disconnected. If the analyzer boots properly with no LAN cable connected, the Timeout Registry Patch should be applied. To apply the patch, a keyboard and mouse will be required and the user must have Administrator privileges.

If the symptoms are as described in “A” above, it is possible that not all software components were properly installed. In this case, it is recommended that the instrument software be un-installed, the timeout registry patch applied, and then the instrument software re-installed. The analyzer will need to be re-booted after each of these major steps:

If the symptoms are as described in “B” above, the instrument software will not need to be re-installed. The XSA application will need to be closed before the patches can be applied. The analyzer will need to be re-booted after the patch is applied.

Download the “X-Series Timeout Registry Patch Instructions” and the “X-Series Timeout Registry Patch” from the “Documents and Downloads” section below. The instructions detail the steps necessary to apply the patch.

Release Date Version Version Description
2008-02-08 n/a Patch needed if analyzer has boot up issues when connected to LAN while using instrument software version A.01.43 or A.01.44

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