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D-SCPI Drivers and Readme

D-SCPI instrument drivers

Downloadable Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments, or D-SCPI, instrument drivers download into VXI Command Modules (E1300, E1301, E1306, E1405, and E1406) and interpret SCPI commands into register-level I/O. It is highly recommended that the D-SCPI driver be installed whether the VXI instrument is programmed using its VXIplug&play driver or using SCPI commands embedded in an I/O language. This information does not apply to message-based modules which have built-in SCPI drivers.

Data de lançamento Versão Descrição da Versão
2006-12-27 n/a Zip File contains all availalbe D-SCPI Instrument Drivers and HTML (Readme) Page with instructions and links for easy file selection and download.

Como Baixar

  • Click the Download button, select the file and save to your PC.

Como Instalar

  • Create a folder for the D-SCPI files. Unzip the files into that folder. Click on the HTML page: d-scpi_drivers.html so that it renders in your browser. Use your browser's Find feature (Ctrl-F) to quickly locate the instrument model number.
  • The HTML page also includes utilities for installing the drivers in your instrument(s).


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Instale em:



  • See HTML page contained in the zip file.

Instrumentos Compatíveis

  • See HTML page contained in the zip file for specific instruments.

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