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8166B Lightwave Multichannel System Firmware

This software does not update module firmware

Before downloading, view the module readme files to see revision information.

You may need to upgrade firmware because:

  • You may need to use new modules that cannot work without the newest firmware. Your instrument will generate an error message if you try to insert a module that is not supported by your instrument's current firmware.
  • New revisions of the 816x VXIplug&play Instrument Driver require the newest firmware revision. The 816x VXIplug&play Instrument Driver is supplied on the same Support Disk as firmware upgrades. Keysight 816x VXI Plug&Play Driver
  • To enhance the usability and functionality of your instrument. New features may be available with new firmware revisions.

Keysight 8166B Firmware Upgrade Procedure

You require a PC, running MS Windows 95, NT 4.0, or higher, and a null-modem serial cable, such as is supplied with your 8166B mainframe.

To upgrade the 8166B firmware:

  1. Copy the Firmware\8166B folder from the Support CD-ROM to a folder on your PC. This folder contains the update tool ATTools_vX_XX.exe and a firmware image file named 66B_Vxxx.Z. "xxx" and "X_XX" refers to the most recent version numbers. For example: 66B_V303.Z is firmware version 3.03 for the 8166B instrument.
  2. Connect your instrument to your PC with the serial cable.
  3. Turn on the 8166B and wait until the Keysight screen appears.
    a) Quickly: Press, but do not hold the Aux hardkey, then press the Appl hardkey.

    - If you were successful, the instrument displays: "Instrument Maintenance Mode".
    - Otherwise, turn off the power and try again.
  4. At your PC, click on ATTools_vX_XX.exe to start the update tool.
    a) Click OK to confirm that you have completed steps 1 to 3.
    b) When the serial connection has been established, which may be after a pause of around 30 seconds, the ATTools user interface is displayed.
  5. Select the firmware image ( file type .Z ) in the file selection box, then click the Update Firmware button.
    a) Click OK to confirm your choice of firmware upgrade.
  6. The firmware upgrade is tracked by a progress bar in the the ATTools user interface.
    a) When the update is complete, a confirmation message is displayed.
    b) Click OK
  7. Click Exit to terminate ATTools.
  • Your 8166B reboots automatically.
Release Date Version Version Description
2010-11-22 5.25 8166B Mainframe Firmware with support of Reference Receiver and Reference Transmitter optical modules

How to Download

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Supported Instruments

  • 8166B