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Digital Design & Interconnect Standards

In digital standards, every generational change puts new risks in your path. We see it first hand when creating our products and working with engineers like you. Keysight’s solution set for high-speed digital test is a combination of instrumentation and broad expertise built on our ongoing involvement with industry experts. By sharing our latest experiences, we can help anticipate challenges and accelerate your ability to create products you’ll be proud of.

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FuturePlus Systems 

FuturePlus Systems

FuturePlus bus analysis probes are powerful, versatile tools that provide a mechanical, electrical, and software interface between the bus and Keysight logic analyzers. These analysis probes enable the engineer to view bus activity from basic timing waveforms to complete compliance verification.

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Granite River Labs 

Granite River Labs

Granite River Labs (GRL) provides a range of Engineering Services & Test Solutions to help customers adopt High Speed Connectivity technologies from the IC to System level, including compliance testing, debugging, characterization, Signal/Power Integrity modeling & simulation, stress testing.

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