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EMSEC Solutions Inc


6497 Waddion Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario K4P-1E7
613-574-0966 phone
Email: | website 

Independent Solution Supplier

EMSEC Solutions provides Emission Security test software can significantly improve test time and signal analysis using the auto signal detection, peak search, signal correlation techniques with the I/Q data capture features for signal comparisons, investigations and testing. more…

Service Offerings

  • Application Engineering Services
  • Custom Consulting Services
  • Education / Training
  • Installation Services
  • On-site Support
  • Project Management
  • Software


EMSEC Solutions Inc. specializes in providing Emission Security (EMSEC) solutions for Governments and or Prime contractors in the form of system test software, on-site training and consulting services.

 ;EMSEC Solutions personnel have been involved with providing Emission Security solutions in the form of product certifications, in-field platform testing and emission security vulnerability studies and investigations for over 25 years. ;  ; ;

 ;EMSEC’s  ;Emission Analyzer Software is part of Keysight’s Emission Analyzer platform solution and provides automated and manual test capabilities that: decreases time for production testing through signal correlation techniques, provides programmable calibration routines to maintain and quickly provide equipment certification, and increased manual and automated features for troubleshooting, investigation and research.