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Guzik Test and Measurement


2443 Wyandotte Street
Mountain View, California 94043
United States
650-625-8000 ext: phone
650-625-9325 fax
Email: | website 

Solutions Partner

Guzik Test and Measurement product portfolio features waveform acquisition tools for demanding ATE and OEM applications in avionics, signal intelligence, military electronics, physics, astronomy, semiconductors, and a variety of other disciplines. more…

Service Offerings

  • Application Engineering Services
  • Custom Consulting Services
  • Hardware
  • On-site Support
  • Software
  • Systems Development


Guzik Test and Measurement is a division of Guzik Technical Enterprises, which provides solutions to general purpose test and measurement industry. Guzik Technical Enterprises founded in the early 80's by Dr. Nahum Guzik, develops innovative test solutions aimed at verifying signal and overall magnetic recording integrity for disk drive heads and media. The company was founded to address the challenge of reducing disk drive validation tests from days or weeks to minutes. For over 30 years Guzik products combine high speed waveform generation, capture, analysis and signal processing capabilities with precision mechanics to ensure disk drive read and write signals can be analyzed. The products are used in both the research and development and production of hard disk drives and drive components. The company holds over 65 patents which form the basis for the various electronic, optic and mechanical innovations at the core of the products. In recent years, we have taken some of these core competencies and expanded our product offering outside of data storage to focus on electronic signal capture and analysis applications.