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Is there an ECal that covers the lower frequency of the E5071C down to 9 kHz?
Yes, the N4431B 4-port ECal now supports down to 9 kHz.

FAQ 2009-11-16

FCC Compliance for Network Analyzers
FCC Compliance for Network Analyzers

FAQ 2009-08-28

Is calibration report included in the 16380V-001 Upgrade Kit which adds the 10 µF standard capacitor to the 16380C?
Yes, the 16380V-001 Upgrade Kit includes the 10 µF standard capacitor and its calibration report.

FAQ 2009-06-23

Is it possible to make a vector measurement of a balanced-mixer using ENA?

FAQ 2009-06-08

What is the DC open/short/load calibration used for?

FAQ 2009-03-11

Does the ENA-L have "Default Calibration data" like the 871x?
Yes. Turning the correction off is equivalent feature to "Default Calibration Data".

FAQ 2009-02-23

With the Vector Mixer Calibration (VMC) technique, is it possible to characterize mixers below the lowest operating frequency of the ENA?

FAQ 2009-02-23

Is test data or measurement report a standard item delivered with the U2000 Series USB Power Sensor?
No, test data or measurement report is not a standard item delivered with the U2000 Series USB Power Sensors….

FAQ 2009-02-04

How can I get a 0603 size LOAD reference device that can be used to perform LOAD correction using the 16197A and other SMD test fixtures?
A 51-ohm chip resistor (Keysight part number 0699-6926) can be used as a LOAD device.

FAQ 2009-01-12

Can the 4395A/4396B read the cal data from the disk that comes with the cal kits such as the 85033D, 85039A, 85039B, etc?
No, the 4395A/4396B can't read the cal data from the disk furnished with these cal kits.

FAQ 2008-11-18

ESA-L1500A: Spectrum Analyzer INPUT Connector Damage

FAQ 2008-10-08

How long is N9320B's calibration cycle?
N9320B calibration cycle is 1 year.

FAQ 2008-09-25

Can I use D-type linearity to calibrate the V8486A Power Sensor?
Yes, you can use D-type linearity to calibrate the V8486A Power Sensor....

FAQ 2008-09-25

Is calibration required for the U2651A/U2652A/U2653A Digital I/O device?
No, calibration is not required for the U2651A, U2652A and U2653A Digital I/O devices.

FAQ 2008-09-24

How long is the calibration time interval?
Keysight recommends 1 year as the calibration interval for all E3600 series power supplies.

FAQ 2008-09-23

66xxA: Re-Calibration Date
There are no components used in Power Products which have a specific shelf life. Therefore, the calibration period of this instrument begins on the date that the product is first put into service by the customer. The recommended calibration interv...

FAQ 2008-09-22

66xxA: Calibration Certificates
Criteria have been established to determine which products get or do not get a calibration from the factory. A product with a product number does not automatically qualify for a calibration certificate.

FAQ 2008-09-22

How can I change system impedance of the 4395A to a desired value from 50 ohms?
Yes, you can set the 4395A system impedance to your desired value by using "SET ZO" function in the calibration function menu.

FAQ 2008-06-12

How should I define or select the residual inductance values of Shorting Bars when performing Short compensation on the E4991A or the 4287A?
The residual inductance value of Shorting Bar has been traditionally defined as 0 Henries (impedance 0 Ω). Keysight has also been taking the traditional definition method.

FAQ 2008-06-11

Can the 4287A perform calibration for all the "measurement point setup tables" at once?
In manual operation using the front panel keys (or menus) of the 4287A, the calibration for all measurement point setup tables can be performed when "Calibrate all tables" is selected in the Calibration Dialog/Calibration Wizard Setting.

FAQ 2008-06-11

Is electrical length compensation required when using RF coaxial test fixture with the E4980A?
No, the electrical length compensation for RF coaxial test fixtures is not required.

FAQ 2008-06-11

Is Load correction data of the E4980A applied to Rdc measurements?
No. Load correction data is not applied to Rdc measurements.

FAQ 2008-06-11

What is the GPIB command to use for setting the reference values of 4263B's Load correction?
[:SENSe]:CORRection:CKIT:STANdard3 command is used. The reference values for the 4263B's Load correction must be entered in R-X parameter form.

FAQ 2008-06-10

Can I order brand-new 16380A with ANSI Z540 accredited calibration?
Yes, the 16380A with the ANSI Z540 calibration can be ordered. Order the 16380A with R1295A.

FAQ 2008-05-22

Can I order brand-new 16380C with ANSI Z540 accredited calibration?
Yes, the 16380C with the ANSI Z540 calibration can be ordered. Order the 16380C with R1295A.

FAQ 2008-05-22

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