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Impedance Analyzers [Descontinuado]

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51-75 de 128

4291B Data Sheet
Technical specifications for the 4291B RF Impedance/Material Analyzer

Folha de Dados 2006-07-13

Temperature Characteristic Evaluations of RF Components and Materials (AN 1464)
This application note introduces an efficient and highly reliable measurement system for evaluating temperature characteristics of components and materials using a combination of the E4991A-007.

Nota de aplicação 2004-10-14

How To Accurately Evaluate Low ESR/High Q RF Chip Devices (AN 1369-6)
This application note discusses the requirements for proper measurement techniques, the right test instrument, and fixtures that can accommodate the minute size of todays RF chip devices.

Nota de aplicação 2004-01-24

4396B Data Sheet
This data sheet provides detailed specifications for the 4396B RF network/spectrum/impedance analyzer.

Folha de Dados 2003-10-02

Evaluation of MOS Capacitor Gate Oxide C-V Characteristics Using the Keysight 4294A(PN4294-3)
As a result of extremely high integration of logic LSIs, MOS FETs with gate lengths of 0.1 mm or less have been produced recently. A consequence of this miniaturization has been the need for very thin gate oxide layers.

Nota de aplicação 2003-06-26

4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Operation Manual
This manual describes most of the basic information needed to use the 4395A.

Manual de operação 2003-05-01

4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Function Reference
This manual describes all function accessed from the front panel keys and softkeys. It also provides information on options and accessories available, specifications, system performance, and some topics about the analyzer's features.

Guia de referência 2003-05-01

4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer GPIB Command Reference
This manual provides a summary of all available GPIB commands. It also provides information on the status reporting structure and the trigger system (these features conform to the SCPI standard).

Manual do usuário 2003-05-01

4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer User Guide
The User's Guide walks you through system setup and initial power on, shows how to make basic measurements, explains commonly used features, and typical application measurement examples. After you receive your analyzer, begin with this manual.

Manual do usuário 2003-05-01

4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer GPIB Programming Guide
This manual shows how to write and use BASIC program to control the analyzer and describes how HP Instrument BASIC works with the analyzer.

Manual do usuário 2003-05-01

4294A Precision Impedance Analyzer Operation Manual
Most of the basic information necessary for using the Keysight 4294A is provided in this manual. It describes installation, preparation, measurement operation including calibration, performances (specifications), key definitions, and error messages.

Manual de operação 2003-03-01

PDF PDF 12.82 MB
How to Characterize CATV Amplifiers Effectively (AN 1288-4)
This application note shows you how to effectively evaluate CATV amplifier performance using the 4396B Network/ Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer.

Nota de aplicação 2002-12-12

4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Programming Manual
The Programming Manual shows how to write and use BASIC program to control the analyzer and describes how HP Instrument BASIC works with the analyzer.

Guia de programação e sintaxe 2002-12-01

4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Opt010 Operating Handbook
This manual describes the unique impedance measurement functions of the 4396B with option 010.

Manual do usuário 2002-11-01

4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Service Manual
This manual describes how to adjust troubleshoot and repair the instrument.

Manual de serviço 2002-08-01

PDF PDF 19.49 MB
Network, Spectrum, and Impedance Evaluation of Electronic Circuits and Components (AN 1308-1)
This Application Note describes how the Keysight 4395A/96B can be used to contribute fast cycle time for electronic circuit/component development.

Nota de aplicação 2001-12-19

Highly Accurate Evaluation of Chip Capacitors using the 4291B (AN 1300-1)
The evaluation of chip capacitors is particularly important because they are used in a wide range of applications (including oscillation circuits and LC filters).

Nota de aplicação 2001-11-09

Configuring the Keysight 4396B for O/E Testing (AN 1288-2)
The recent trend in cable television (CATV) is the need for more selections, or channels, and the possibility of having interactive TV services such as On-Line-Banking and Movies-0n-Demand. These requirements are pushing the limits of the copper...

Nota de aplicação 2001-09-07

Reliable Electronic Component Evaluation and Circuit Design with the 4294A(PN4294-1)

Nota de aplicação 2001-08-31

Combining Network and Spectrum Analyses and IBASIC (AN 1288-1)
Active components (and now even some passive components like crystal filters require analysis to characterize linear parameters (gain/loss, phase and group delay or S-parameters) as well as non-linear performance. Non-linear analysis is typically related to measuring signal distortion generated...

Nota de aplicação 2001-08-30

4291B RF Impedance/Material Analyzer Operation Manual
This document references a discontinued or obsolete product and is for information only.

Manual de operação 2001-08-28

PDF PDF 11.64 MB
Accurate Impedance Measurement with Cascade Microtech Probe System(AN1369-3)
This 12 page application note explains how to make on-wafer or on-substrate 1-port impedance measurements using a probe station.The E4991A (1 M-3 GHz) and 4294A (40-110 MHz) solutions are discussed.

Nota de aplicação 2001-07-31

Advanced impedance measurement capability of the RF I-V method (AN 1369-2)
This application note describes the difference between the network analyzer and impedance analyzer for the measurement principle and actual measurement performance.

Nota de aplicação 2001-07-26

Cable Impedance and Structural Return Loss Measurement Methodologies
introduces exact definitions for cable impedance and structural return loss along with several measurement methodologies.

Nota de aplicação 2001-03-23

4291B RF Impedance/Material Analyzer Quick Start Guide
This document references a discontinued or obsolete product and is for information only.

Guia de início rápido 2001-03-01


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