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Best Practices for Network Monitoring
Learn how a network packet broker can be effectively used to filter out unnecessary data and load balance data across multiple tools.

Case Study 2017-01-10

Global 500 Aerospace and Defense Company
Read how an A&D company reduced the traffic load on their monitoring or security tools by almost 40% with Ixia’s visibility solutions.

Case Study 2017-01-09

State and Local Government
Read how a state government reduced the traffic load on their monitoring or security tools by almost 40% with Ixia’s visibility solutions.

Case Study 2017-01-09

Federal Government
Read how a government reduced the traffic load on their monitoring or security tools by almost 60% with Ixia’s visibility solutions.

Case Study 2017-01-09

Global 500 Energy and Utilities Company
Reported in a survey of Ixia visibility solutions customers, a Global 500 energy and utilities company realized a return on investment within six months.

Case Study 2017-01-04

State and Local Government Agency
Read how the government agency realized a return on investment within three months.

Case Study 2017-01-04

How a GUI Changes Network Performance
Read how an integrated drag-and-drop GUI dramatically improves network programming efficiency, network troubleshooting speed, and network monitoring accuracy over command line interface (CLI) or Flowmap approaches.

Article 2016-12-21

Device Modeling 101 - What are Ft and Fmax?
Ft and Fmax are figures of merit used to benchmark the high frequency performance of RF transistors. This blog post describes the equations for these 2 parameters and how to improve the performance of RF transistors.

Journal 2016-12-18

Managing the Elastic Cloud Visibility Surface
Effective monitoring in these multi-tenant environments, where usage is elastic and access is limited, requires its own type of visibility.

Case Study 2016-12-17

Keysight One-Stop Calibration Capabilities – Americas
View our capabilities for dimensional / optical; electrical – DC, low frequency; electrical – optical; electrical – RF, microwave, millimeter wave; physical / mechanical

Article 2016-12-15

HUAWEI demonstrates 112 Gb/s PAM-4 optical signal transmission with M8196A AWG
112 Gb/s PAM-4 Optical Signal Transmission over 100-m OM4 Multimode Fiber for High-Capacity Data-Center

Article 2016-12-05

Wi-Fi and LTE Coexistence – Validation Methods
Validate and test the impact of new technologies on Wi-Fi networks using an automated, repeatable multinetwork Wi-Fi baseline environment in which the impact of interfering networks can be measured and analyzed.

Case Study 2016-12-02

Simplified Programming of a Visibility Layer Can Have a Big Impact on Application Performance
Use visibility solutions to have a complete view of your current operating environment and gain an understanding of the impact of network changes.

Case Study 2016-11-30

Integrating Multiple Technology Devices onto Laminate-Based Multi-Chip-Modules
Microwave Product Digest (MPD) featured article on "Integrating Multiple Technology Devices onto Laminate-Based Multi-Chip-Modules Using an Integrated Design Flow", written by Keefe Bohanan, Applications Engineer District Manager for Keysight EEsof EDA.

Article 2016-11-29

Direct-Synthesis Software Approach Facilitates Filter Design
This Microwaves & RF article discusses how Genesys software can be used to design filters with the direct-synthesis technique. A lowpass filter example is presented to illustrate the software’s capabilities.

Article 2016-11-28

Device Modeling 101 - How to Extract Threshold Voltage of MOSFETs
Threshold voltage (Vth) is one of the most important electrical parameters in MOSFET modeling. Learn how to extract Vth using MBP.

Journal 2016-11-17

Rehosting service included as part of Agilent support agreement
Rehosting service is delivered at no additional cost, as part of the support agreement for your hardware.

Newsletter 2016-11-10

Rehost Service for Keysight ICT, AXI and AOI systems
Rehost service is included as part of Keysight support agreement for hardware support or software subscription service.

Feature Story 2016-11-10

The Importance of Lossless Network Visibility
Learn the importance of zero loss visibility on network monitoring.

Case Study 2016-11-08

Full Network Visibility across Complex Health Care Delivery System
A large health care delivery system can now monitor 12 times the number of access points for increased visibility and a 40 percent reduction in mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Case Study 2016-11-02

Proving Change in Business-Critical Environments
How testing helps you manage change to have more successful projects, roll-outs, and updates.

Case Study 2016-11-01

Integrating Multiple Technology Devices onto Laminate-Based MCMs Using an Integrated Design Flow
An overview of a fully-integrated design flow is used to demonstrate a viable solution for the assembly and design optimization of multiple RF MCM products.

Feature Story 2016-10-24

8 Steps to a Successful DDR4 Design
Learn how Keysight's design flow example for DDR4 can help you achive confidence in your design and help you ensure success.

Journal 2016-10-20

Ericsson and Freiburg U. Design High-Q Power Harvesting Circuit Using ADS
Keysight’s ADS harmonic balance was used to explore the design space around the innovative impedance transformation using a high Q quartz crystal resonator to transform the low voltage from the low impedance antenna to a voltage high enough to overcome the Schottky diode junction voltage.

Case Study 2016-10-19

Ericsson and Freiburg U. Design High Q Power Harvesting Circuit Using ADS
The Internet of Things (IoT) fulfills a promise of a more efficient and connected world. But with dozens of devices per household, battery management must become wireless and autonomous. This problem is now being solved through power harvesting, which enables a circuit to power itself from energy in the environment.

Case Study 2016-10-19


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