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89601B/BN-BHB MB-OFDM UWB, 89600 VSA Software - Demo Guide
The 89600B VSA software Option BHB multi-band-OFDM modulation analysis offers the advanced measurement tools for analyzing and troubleshooting UWB MB-OFDM PHY layer signals.

Demo 2012-11-15

MB-OFDM UltraWideband demo video
See a quick overview of how the U7239A UWB PHY compliance test software operates

Demo 2009-01-30

Multiband OFDM UWB Signal Analysis Video Demonstration
A short video demonstration that shows how to recognize the different sections of a MB-OFDM UWB signal burst.

Demo 2009-01-28

WiMedia-based Ultra-wideband radio compliance testing with VSA Software and 80000B Series Scope
Keysight’s solution for troubleshooting WiMedia-based multi-band OFDM ultra-wideband PHY layer signals, such as those in certified wireless USB, with the industry's most complete signal analysis tool set.

Demo 2006-12-15

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