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How many Keysight 34970A data acquisition units can be connected to a single PC at a time?
Only one Keysight 34970A can be connected for each RS-232 port on the PC. A GP-IB cable can be used to connect up to 15 units if the GP-IB cable is being referenced by the VEE software. The Benchlink Data Logger 3 software can support up to 4 units...

FAQ 2012-01-25

The Benchlink Data Logger Software is unable to see my 34970A even though it is connected, how do I correct this?

FAQ 2011-12-20

Why does BenchLink DataLogger 3 generate the "MDAC installation failed" error message?
The MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) may be corrupted and needs to be repaired.

FAQ 2011-12-20

34970A: How do I add a DMM to a 34970A that does not have one installed?
Order the customer installable retrofit kit 34970-80100.

FAQ 2010-10-12

Transferring Data and Configurations to a new version or to a new computer
Moving between computers with same version or moving configurations and data to a new version on the same computer...

FAQ 2010-05-07

How many instruments can I have in a configuration?
You can have up to two 34980As or four 34970As in a configuration

FAQ 2010-05-05

How do multiple instruments affect the scan list?
Multiple instruments are integrated seamlessly into a scan list.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Can I rename an instrument instead of using the default Instr1, Instr2... naming convention?
Yes. Click on InstrN in the Name column of the “Configure Instruments” tab and enter a new instrument name.

FAQ 2010-05-05

How can I move a complete configuration from one PC to another?
You can do this by creating a package, move the package to the new PC then read the package in.

FAQ 2010-05-05

Transferring Data and Configurations to a new version or to a new computer
Moving between computers with same version or moving configurations and data to a new version on the same computer:

FAQ 2010-03-30

Can I save on the 34970A data synchronously during a scan?

FAQ 2009-03-12

34970A: Does the Keysight 34970A Include a Noise Limiting Filter for DC Voltage Measurements?
The DMM 34970A is designed using an integrating ADC...

FAQ 2006-08-29

How can I download/upload configuration to/from the 34970A?
Follow the procedures below to download and upload configuration to and from 34970A.

FAQ 2006-02-28

How do I make a measurement from the front panel with the Keysight 34970A?
This FAQ describes how to setup for a measurement from the front panel using the thermocouple shipped with the 34970A and a 34901A/34902A/34908A module card.

FAQ 2006-02-02

How do I connect a shielded wire to my Keysight 34970A plug-in modules?
You can connect the shield to the module LO or the 34970A chassis...

FAQ 2006-02-02

Why doesn't Keysight offer Extra Terminal Blocks or Quick Connect Devices for the 34970A Modules?
Terminal blocks consume precious circuit board space, affect product reliability, add complexity and increase costs considerably.

FAQ 2006-02-02

How do I configure channels in BenchLink Data Logger 3, run a scan in a remote location, and upload the data back into my computer?
Create a setup in BenchLink Data Logger 3 software as you normally would, then go to the "Configuration | Download Open Configuration to 34970A..." menu to download the setup to the 34970A...

FAQ 2006-01-18

Are computed channels supported in the Keysight 34970A?
Computed channels are not supported on the 34970A, but are on the BenchLink Data Logger software.

FAQ 2006-01-18

Can I use BenchLink Data Logger 3 to turn on and off switches in the 34903A, 34904A, 34905A, or 34906A at certain intervals?
The BenchLink Data Logger 3 software was designed to be used for data acquisition rather than switching. Therefore the control of switching is limited through the BenchLink Data Logger software.

FAQ 2006-01-18

34970A: What COM Ports May I Use for RS-232 Connections between the PC and the Keysight 34970A?
The 34970A RS-232 port can be connected to any RS-232 port on your PC.

FAQ 2005-05-09

34970A: Do the 34901A and the 34902A have a common ground?
No. The 34901A and 34902A provide isolated inputs to the internal DMM.

FAQ 2004-02-02

34970A: Can I disable the digital multimeter in the 34970A so that it can be used for switching only?
Yes it can, either using a remote command or using the front panel.

FAQ 2004-02-02

34970A: Can the voltage measurement float on the 34901A, 34902A or 34908A modules?
If the instruments specification is not exceeded, you can float a measurement.

FAQ 2004-02-02

34970A: Can thermocouple measurements be set up on any channel of the 34901A/02A/08A?
Thermocouple measurements can be set up on the 34901A, 34902A, 34908A module cards.

FAQ 2003-12-05

34970A: How do I configure the 34901A or 34902A module to take voltage readings with respect to a common ground?
You can make single ended measurements with the 34901A or 34902A by jumpering the LO channels together.

FAQ 2003-12-02

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