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What are the range selector scale rings for the 435A and 435B legacy power meters?

FAQ 2013-11-17

Can I use external power adaptor to charge my V3500A handheld power meter?

FAQ 2010-07-18

What is the maximum length power sensor cable that can be used on an N8480 series power sensor?
The maximum length of a power sensor cable that can be used on the N8480 series power sensors is 60 m (11730F).

FAQ 2010-02-01

Can I use a different attenuator for my high power sensor rather than the attenuator that shipped with the RF power sensor?
No, you must use the attenuator that shipped with the power sensor.

FAQ 2009-12-14

Why can I not buy the RF front end attenuator separately from the sensor when servicing my high power sensor?
The attenuator and sensor are calibrated as a single unit to ensure measurement accuracy.

FAQ 2009-11-08

Why can't I order the 848xA bulkheads?
The 848xA bulkheads cannot be ordered because the thermocouple sensor IC has been discontinued….

FAQ 2008-09-25

How do I know that my sensor has a precision type-N connector?
Keysight power sensors now come with the precision type-N connector as standard............

FAQ 2003-11-04