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RF Basics Part 1: Signal Analysis Webcast
Live broadcast ,January 31, 2018; 10am PT / 1pm ET


Understanding the 5G NR Physical Layer - Seminar Materials
Understanding the 5G NR Physical Layer . mp4 video from Webcast

Seminar Materials 2017-11-28

MP4 MP4 162.21 MB
Spectrum Analysis Fundamentals Webcast
Original broadcast November 15, 2017

Webcast - recorded

Mastering Noise Figure Measurements Webcast
Live broadcast December 14, 2017; 10am PT / 1pm ET


USB Type-C Physical Layer Design Webcast
Original broadcast November 9, 2017

Webcast - recorded

Advanced Design System Тренинг по ADS Москва
ADS training class Moscow Nov 28- Dec 1 2017

Classroom Training

Register for Engineering Education
Engineering Education series of webcasts; upcoming live events and on-demand recordings.

Seminar Materials 2017-11-09

IEEE 802.11ax PHY Overview
This video provides an overview of the IEEE 802.11ax WLAN standard highlighting the major physical layer technologies and features that are different from legacy WLAN standards.

Seminar 2017-11-08

Signal Generation and Digital Modulation Fundamentals Webcast
Live broadcast December 6, 2017; 10am PT / 1pm ET


ADS Circuit Class
ADS Circuit Class

Classroom Training

Next Generation Test Strategies: Overcoming Wideband Test Challenges
This webcast will describe challenges with higher frequency, wider bandwidth measurements needed for 5G and how to think differently about your nextgen test to ensure accurate, repeatable, and cost appropriate solutions.

Webcast 2017-10-25

Six Reasons Your New Medical IoT Device Will Fail
Original broadcast October 23, 2017

Webcast - recorded

Automotive Solution Center Seminar Schedule FY18 - H1
View the .pdf

Seminar Materials 2017-10-25

Designing with 4G Modulated Signals for Optimized Multi-standard Transceiver ICs Webcast
Original broadcast October 3, 2013

Webcast - recorded

productronica 2017
Biggest trade show on production covering all industry segments in Europe


Stop Wasting Time and Money by Struggling with Data Analytics While Designing T&M Experiments!
Stop Wasting Time and Money by Struggling with Data Analytics While Designing T&M Experiments!

Training Materials 2017-09-24

Join Keysight at ECOC 2017
Join Keysight at ECOC 2017


The 4 Keys to Understanding TLS 1.3 and Active SSL
Encryption is a double-edged sword—the same SSL that can protect your network can also be used by malware and other threats to hide from security and monitoring tools. Learn what encryptions are and how to manage them.

Webcast 2017-09-21

Chronicles of a High-Speed PCB including PCB Thermal Effects
This presentation takes you on a journey through a high speed PC board including PCB Thermal Effects. Presented in Canada.

Seminar Materials 2017-09-15

Ixia – “5G for Dummies” eBook
Ixia – “5G for Dummies” eBook

Seminar Materials 2017-08-30

ActualTech + Ixia: Comparing 9 Different Approaches to Cloud in One Place Back-to-Back
Learn about cloud innovations for your enterprise andhow they might be implemented.

Webcast 2017-08-18

Characterization and Modeling Challenges for Advanced Semiconductor Technologies - Seminar Materials
Seminar materials from the "Characterization and Modeling Challenges for Advanced Semiconductor Technologies" seminar.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-14

How to Extract BSIM4 DC Model
Model Builder Program(MBP) 2017 improves the model extraction process through the use of special utilities and scripting. This new, improved modeling process will be demonstrated on a BSIM4 transistor.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-10

Python-driven Table Generation in Automated Device Model Validation
MQA is a well-known, automated SPICE model validation software that enables engineers to check and analyze SPICE model libraries, compare different models, and generate quality assurance (QA) reports in a complete and efficient way. MQA 2017 extends these capabilities by introducing the Python Report Formatting System (PyRFS) module, which allows engineers to customize tables—either generate new tables or update existing tables—in .csv and .xlsx file formats.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-10

The New Re-centering Solution in MBP 2017 Update 1
A preview of the up-coming new re-centering function for re-centering an existing model to a new specification, with fully customizable device targets definition and scaling graph visualization.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-10


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