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ActualTech + Ixia: Comparing 9 Different Approaches to Cloud in One Place Back-to-Back
Learn about cloud innovations for your enterprise andhow they might be implemented.

Webcast 2017-08-18

Characterization and Modeling Challenges for Advanced Semiconductor Technologies - Seminar Materials
Seminar materials from the "Characterization and Modeling Challenges for Advanced Semiconductor Technologies" seminar.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-14

The New Re-centering Solution in MBP 2017 Update 1
A preview of the up-coming new re-centering function for re-centering an existing model to a new specification, with fully customizable device targets definition and scaling graph visualization.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-10

How to Extract BSIM4 DC Model
Model Builder Program(MBP) 2017 improves the model extraction process through the use of special utilities and scripting. This new, improved modeling process will be demonstrated on a BSIM4 transistor.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-10

What's New in Keysight Technologies' Device Modeling Portfolio 2017
Highlights of new capabilities in Keysight's end-to-end device modeling portfolio, Power Electronics modeling solution preview, Wafer-level 1/f noise & Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) measurement solutions, Model Builder Program (MBP), and Model Quality Assurance (MQA).

Seminar Materials 2017-08-10

Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) Cell Modeling in MBP 2017
The latest release Model Builder Program (MBP) 2017 now features a SRAM cell model generation package that’s designed to address the challenges of modern complex SRAM cell modeling, by enabling engineers to extract transistor-level and memory-cell models in one MBP session.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-10

Automatable RTN Measurement Using the B1500A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
As device lithographies have continued to shrink, understanding the impact of random telegraph noise (RTN) on integrated circuits has become increasingly important. Due to its innate random nature and dependence on applied voltage, characterizing RTN on a process requires many measurements to be made across a wafer at multiple gate-to-source biases. This section will cover the basics of RTN measurement and outline a cost-effective Keysight solution using WaferPro Express and the B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-10

Python-driven Table Generation in Automated Device Model Validation
MQA is a well-known, automated SPICE model validation software that enables engineers to check and analyze SPICE model libraries, compare different models, and generate quality assurance (QA) reports in a complete and efficient way. MQA 2017 extends these capabilities by introducing the Python Report Formatting System (PyRFS) module, which allows engineers to customize tables—either generate new tables or update existing tables—in .csv and .xlsx file formats.

Seminar Materials 2017-08-10

Keysight EEsof EDA Customer Education and Services
Brief overview of Keysight EDA Customer Education and Services.

Training Materials 2017-08-08

Design and Simulation of 5G 28-GHz Phased Array Transceiver Webcast
August 3, 2017

Webcast - Aufzeichnung

Design and Simulation of 5G 28-GHz Phased Array Transceiver Slides
Slides from the August 3, 2017 webcast

Seminar Materials 2017-08-03

Troubleshooting Coherent Optical Communication Systems Webcast
Original broadcast April 22, 2015

Webcast - Aufzeichnung

Video: 10-Tip Series to help you get more out of the 34980A Switch/Measure unit
View video clips to improve your productivity and get to results quickly with a switch/measure unit.

Training Materials 2017-07-30

DSEI 2017
DSEI 2017


ProtectWise + Ixia: 3 Things to Know When Securing Mixed, Multi-Cloud Environments
Learn how complete visibility into cloud data enables ProtectWise Grid.

Webcast 2017-07-21

NFC Automated Device Validation Using an Oscilloscope
Provides an overview of NFC technology and discusses some of the measurements required to ensure that NFC devices meet critical specifications.

Webcast 2017-07-10

Verifying RF Short Range Communication in IoT
Covers measurement and test methods of short-range communications including Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, and Sub-GHz.

Webcast 2017-06-27

How Will You Handle the Interference of Things Between Medical/IoT Devices?
New test methods for medical device coexistence test are on the horizon (ANSI C63.27). Keysight and Circuit Check can help you understand these new test methods for design validation test, and how those measurement methods assist you in production test.

Webcast 2017-06-20

4 Things Your Data Center Needs
Learn how you can enhance visibility from core to remote sites with versatile and cost-effective network packet brokers (NPBs).

Webcast 2017-06-20

High-Speed Digital Design using ADS
High-Speed Digital Design using ADS

Schulung vor Ort

DDR5 is Coming, Are You Ready?
This presentation introducea a breakthrough simulation technology designed to help you with your DDR5 and DDR4 design challenges. You will learn how to predict the noise and jitter distribution at ultra-low BER and account for Rx equalization in the parallel bus simulation.

Seminar Materials 2017-06-02

PCI Gen-4: How Far Can a Bit Travel Before it Needs to Refuel?
This presentation details a “how-to” guide for defining, executing, and analyzing system-level simulations involving all three components.

Seminar Materials 2017-06-02

A Practical Guide to Understanding the Road to 5G
Download webcast which starts with and runs through the evolution to 5G by contrasting fixed vs mobile use cases; explore channel, bandwidth, and mmWave concepts; compare Verizon 5G and 3GPP New Radio; and define sidehaul, fronthaul and cloud RAN. Then we’ll slow down and dive deeper into beamforming technology to show how multiuser massive MIMO with its spatial multiplexing capabilities will enable high quality of service to each user. We close with an overview of multi antenna array design architectures including Digital Beamforming (DBF), RF/Analog Beamforming (AF), and Hybrid Beamforming (HBF).

Training Materials 2017-06-01

WMF WMF 107.99 KB
Demystifying VIAs in High-Speed PCB Design
This presentation covers the basics of VIA construction and its impact to high-speed signals. We will also highlight tips for better VIA design and introduce different simulation techniques for generating more transparent interconnects and allow you to make various tradeoffs.

Seminar Materials 2017-05-30

How Much Bandwidth Do I Need for My Channel Model?
This presentation introducea some simple approaches you can use to help you find that sweet spot between time, accuracy and cost using both frequency and time domain simulation techniques, so you can be confident about your model!

Seminar Materials 2017-05-30

PDF PDF 14.07 MB

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