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Keysight Technologies U3022AH10 - User’s and Service Guide
The Keysight U3022AH10 is a 10-Port Multiport Test Set Extension designed to be configured for high power measurements in either a 12 or 14 port network analyzer measurement system.

User Manual 2018-06-01

PDF PDF 39.78 MB
M8000 Series of BER Test Solutions - User Guide
This document describes M8070A system software to control M8020A/M8030A/M8040A, the various supported modules, GUI usage and how to perform measurements.

User Manual 2018-06-01

PDF PDF 22.42 MB
E5071C Firmware Revision History
E5071C Firmware Revision History

Release Notes 2018-06-01

Online Help, U7238E MIPI D-PHY Compliance Test Application
Contains help on the electrical tests that are performed by the MIPI D-PHY compliance test application.

Help File 2018-06-01

CHM CHM 45.61 MB
N5290A Broadband Network Analyzer Technical Specifications
The PNA Series is the highest-performing microwave network analyzer in the industry for passive and active device test.

Data Sheet 2018-05-31

Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA) Brochure
NVNA provides the critical leap in technology to go beyond linear S-parameters, allowing efficient and accurate analysis and design of active devices under real world operating conditions.

Brochure 2018-05-31

Keysight PXIe Chassis Interactive Block Diagram
Download this zipped PDF of the Keysight PXIe Chassis Interactive Block Diagram and view using Adobe Reader. If you open the PDF using a browser, you can’t use the interactive features. This document provides detailed diagrams and descriptions of the structure, functions, and features of the M9010A, M9018B, and M9019A PXIe chassis. The Interactive Block Diagram is amazing and informative interactive media.

Operation Manual 2018-05-31

N5291A Broadband Network Analyzer Data Sheet
The PNA Series is the highest-performing microwave network analyzer in the industry for passive and active device test.

Data Sheet 2018-05-31

CX3300 Series Device Current Waveform Analyzer - Data Sheet
The CX3300 series is the world's first instrument that can precisely visualize low-level current waveforms you have never seen before by 14/16-bit dynamic range, max. 200 MHz bandwidth and low noise.

Data Sheet 2018-05-31

M8085A MIPI C-PHY and D-PHY Receiver Test Software - Release Notes
M8085A MIPI C-PHY and D-PHY Receiver Test Software - Release Notes

Release Notes 2018-05-31

Creating Multi-Emitter Scenarios for Radar and Electronic Warfare (EW) Testing - Application Note
Part 8 of the Radar App Note series focuses on multi-emitter testing of radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems. Realistic testing of these systems depends on the generation of signals that accurately simulate multi-emitter environments consisting of thousands of emitters and millions of pulses per second, all arriving from multiple directions. New technology built into commercial, off-the-shelf signal generators enables developers to generate increasingly complex simulations that get closer to reality and provide deeper confidence in EW system performance.

Application Note 2018-05-31

EXG X-Series Signal Generators N5171B Analog & N5172B Vector - Data Sheet
This datasheet lists the key specifications for the EXG N5171B analog and N5172B vector X-Series signal generators.

Data Sheet 2018-05-31

PROPSIM F64 MANET Channel Emulation Solution - Solution Brochure
Highly Scalable Channel Emulation Solution for MANET and Mesh Radio Testing. The need for robust wireless communications systems for mission critical operations has dramatically increased as defense organizations transition from using traditional stationary forces to rapidly deploying military forces with high mobility requirements. Ensuring the robust operation of avionics, surveillance, radar or satellite systems for mission critical wireless communications, manufacturers and military forces requires the ability to test mixed networks that combines tactical and avionics radios with satellite links.

Brochure 2018-05-30

Propsim F64 Manet Channel Emulation Solution
Download this solution overview for more info on a channel emulation solution that supports up to 64 Radios, 4032 independent fading channels, and up to 1.2 GHz of instananeous bandwidth.

Solution Brief 2018-05-30

E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide assists in the ordering process of the Keysight E8267D PSG vector signal generator.

Configuration Guide 2018-05-30

Accelerating from 100GE to 400GE in the Data Center – Advanced Modulation and Coding Challenges
The move from 100GE to 400GE in the data center is revolutionary, not evolutionary. Optical transceivers will need to use advanced signal modulation and coding to reach 400GE speeds. These techniques create new test challenges for transceiver manufacturers.

Case Study 2018-05-30

400GE Data Center Transceiver Test: Overcoming Three Key Challenges
Learn solutions for three key challenges transitioning from 100GE to 400GE in the data center: increase channel capacity, guarantee quality and interoperability, reduce test time and cost.

Case Study 2018-05-30

M9383A PXIe Vector Signal Generator Soft Front Panel Help
Provides product introduction, a tour of the SFP user interface, how to procedures (for example, configuration, self-test, operational check), and troubleshooting.

Help File 2018-05-30

Keysight Spectrum Analysis for PNA/PNA-L/PNA-X/N5290A/N5291A
Data Sheet and Technical Specifications for the PNA/PNA-X Spectrum Analyzer Option (090)

Data Sheet 2018-05-30

FieldFox Handheld Analyzers 4/6.5/9/14/18/26.5/32/44/50 GHz - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides the specified and typical performance of the FieldFox family of portable analyzers. This guide should be used in conjunction with technical overviews and configuration guide.

Data Sheet 2018-05-30

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving - White Paper
How Millimeter Wave Automotive Radar Enhances Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving

Application Note 2018-05-29

DCA Accessories - Technical Overview
Learn more about the probes and accessories that are compatible with DCA oscilloscopes.

Technical Overview 2018-05-29

How Millimeter Wave Automotive Radar Enhances Advanced Driver Assistance Systems(ADAS) and Autonomous Driving
This white paper describes how advanced automotive radar design and test solutions help you innovate faster and protect lives.

Case Study 2018-05-29

Remote Programmer's Reference, U7232E DisplayPort Compliance Test Software
Describes the test names and IDs and the configuration variable names used when writing programs to remotely control the Keysight U7232E DisplayPort compliance test software.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2018-05-29

N9030B PXA X-Series Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide will help determine which performance options, measurement accessories, applications and services to include with a new PXA or add as upgrades to an existing PXA.

Configuration Guide 2018-05-28

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