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Replacement of Control XTP, Module Control Card
Frequently Asked Questions about XTPA Module Control Card

FAQ 2013-06-11

How do we test LEDs in a circuit that sets them to blink(turn on and off) at periods exceeding 400ms, eg 500ms on, 500 ms off?
The longest integration time for Keysight LED sensor is 400ms between the ‘trigger’ and ‘learn/measre’ commands.

FAQ 2013-04-15

What does the “peak” mode“, "base mode” and "integration time" mean on Keysight LED test?
The sensor will start sampling “LED” color and intensity when it receives a “trigger” command from the testplan. It will continue to samplethe “LEDs” color and intensity until a “learn” or “measure” command.

FAQ 2013-04-15

Sample “testplan” for Utility card & FR3070A
Sample “testplan” for Utility card & FR3070A from manufacturing site

FAQ 2013-02-18

What you need to know about Advanced DGN Reporting?
Frequently Asked Questions about Advanced DGN Reporting.

FAQ 2012-11-28

How to debug the 3 differences that are encountered on the new hybrid pin cards (P/N: E4000-66562 and E4000-66563)?
Follow the guideline to debug your test when you start using the new bybrid pin cards: • E4000-66562 for 6MPs (standard hybrid pin card) • E4000-66563 for 12MPs (advanced hybrid pin card)

FAQ 2012-11-12

Sample DLL for i3070 External DLL Feature
External DLL (dynamic- link library) call feature expands i3070 platform capability for additional functional test / application in a flexible way. Here is a DLL example of data management, updating the test status to a database.

FAQ 2012-10-18

XVision fails to install on some laptops
Before installing XVision /ICT software, please follow the steps below:

FAQ 2012-09-25

How can I access my i3070/3070 ICT board directories residing on Linux/UNIX controller, if I am running my ICT controller on Windows® 7?
Services for Network File System (NFS) and Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) are the software packages provided by Microsoft® to enable the UNIX subsystem and other parts of the UNIX environment to be integrated onto the Windows environment.

FAQ 2011-11-01

How can I turn on the SUA and its UNIX utility package on Windows® 7 ICT controller?
It is recommended that you DO NOT enable or install SUA. This is an optional feature and utility that is not needed for mapping NFS share.

FAQ 2011-11-01

How to access board directories resided on the Linux/Unix server using SAMBA/Common Internet File System (CIFS), if ICT controller is on Windows® 7?
SAMBA is a utility which allows you to share your files between Linux/UNIX and Windows®. By mounting the SAMBA share on your Linux/UNIX server, you can access the board files across the operating systems.

FAQ 2011-11-01

How can I turn on the Services for NFS on Windows® 7 ICT controller?
Both the Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Enterprise Edition contain the client for the Network File System (NFS) and Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA).

FAQ 2011-11-01

What are the known conflicts between MKS NutCracker and Interix and the recommended workaround solutions?
There are three known key issues which you need to look out for:

FAQ 2011-11-01

How can I set up File Security and board directories with NFS share?
Once you have enabled “Client for NFS”, you can mount any NFS share on your network. There are a few ways to set up NFS share file security.

FAQ 2011-11-01

Windows® 7 for i3070 system and controller upgrade
Effective October 22, 2011 all new i3070 systems and PC controller upgrades will be pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

FAQ 2011-09-04

Eight commonly asked questions about the Medalist i3070 Series 5
The i3070 Series 5 sports various innovative hardware and software features to bring you much wider test coverage and superb throughput for cost savings and faster time to profit. Check out these key features.

FAQ 2011-08-08

Keysight Software Manager for i3070 software updates subscription
Keysight Software Manager is a web portal where customers with the software updates subscription agreement will be able to access the latest software release from Keysight.

FAQ 2011-06-27

What are the minimum system requirements for i3070 TDW?

FAQ 2011-03-02

What is an example of a routine in the testplan for flash programming using the Utility Card?
an example of a routine in the testplan for flash programming using the Utility Card

FAQ 2011-01-04

Are rules execution sequences arrange able? If yes, how to do it?
Expand the Device Navigation tree, select one of the rule, click "Up" or "Down" key to move the rule. See example below.

FAQ 2010-09-08

Can I save time using Enhancement Mode FET testing on In-Circuit Test Systems with the 7.10p software?
Medalist 3070 and i3070 users can save time due to the automatic test generation for enhancement mode FETs the software release 7.10p.

FAQ 2008-08-28

How to sort the Rule Name according to device types at Rule Database?
Select a device type in Ruleset navigation. Rule Database will show all the rule names that device type selected.

FAQ 2007-09-12

What is Auto-Optimizer?
Auto Optimizer is used to improve throughput.

FAQ 2007-09-12

Can I run Auto-Optimizer with Control XT Card?
No, you must have Control XTP Cards to run Auto-Optimizer.

FAQ 2007-09-12

Can user define the CPK for optimizer?
Yes. This menu can be accessed at "Actions-Optimizer-Rule Editor".

FAQ 2007-09-12

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