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Infiniium Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories - Data Sheet
Infiniium oscilloscopes have a wide selection of high-quality probes and accessories for your particular applications to help you get the most out of your scope.

Data Sheet 2019-12-26

M809256PB OIF-CEI 56G Receiver Test - Data Sheet
The M809256PB receiver test application is designed to assist and simplify the stress signal calibration used for testing the inputs of OIF-CEI CEI-56G-VSR/-MR/-LR PAM4 interfaces .It reduces user interaction to a minimum and performs all required calibration routines and compliance testing automatically by remote controlling all required instruments.

Data Sheet 2019-12-16

N1092A/B/C/D/E DCA-M Optical and Electrical Sampling Oscilloscopes - Datasheet
Summarizes the performance specifications of the N1092A, B, C, D and E optical and optical + electrical sampling oscilloscope

Data Sheet 2019-12-11

J-BERT M8020A High-Performance BERT - Data Sheet
The M8020A BERT is a AXIe based Bit Error Ratio Test Solution for PCIe, USB, Thunderbolt and many more industry Standards

Data Sheet 2019-12-06

N4391SALC Optical Modulation Analysis Software - Data Sheet
The analysis software from Keysight’s Optical Modulation Analyzer portfolio can be used on your PC without any instrumentation. It offers all the analysis capabilities including its advanced signal processing algorithms for complex modulated optical signals

Data Sheet 2019-12-02

M8194A 120 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Data Sheet
Arbitrary waveform generator with the highest sampling rate in the industry of 120GSa/s, with an analogue bandwidth of upto 50Ghz. Ideal solution for 400G optical coherence development and advance IQ modulation source.

Data Sheet 2019-11-20

N5991 Receiver Compliance Test Automation Platform - Data Sheet
High-speed digital standards are quickly evolving to keep pace with emerging technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles.

Data Sheet 2019-11-08

M8121A 12 Gsa/s Streaming Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Data Sheet
The M8121A uses a different approach: Instead of a built-in memory, it offers a full rate optical streaming interface (ODI) to supply the samples to the DAC at up to 12 GSa/s, which enables infinitely long scenarios to be generated with up to approx. 5 GHz of modulation bandwidth.

Data Sheet 2019-11-06

M8132A 640 Gb/s Digital Signal Processor - Data Sheet
The M8132A is part of Keysight’s Wideband Solution Platform that consists of a portfolio of compatible instruments, including digitizer, arbitrary waveform generator, digital signal processor and storage modules. The interconnect between these products is based on a high-speed optical data interface.

Data Sheet 2019-10-31

N774xC Family of Power Meters - Data Sheet
The new Keysight N7744C and N7745C multiport optical power meters offer 4 or 8 ports in a single rack height unit. Trusted snap-on, quad-adapters to separate connecting task from measurement task.

Data Sheet 2019-09-25

A400GE-QDD 400GE Test System
Read how the A400GE-QDD test system makes the challenge of qualifying BER on 400GE electronics easier and affordable. With this dedicated BERT and FEC test system with 56Gb/s electrical lane signaling per port, you'll find problems in minutes, not hours.

Data Sheet 2019-09-25

N4377A Lightwave Detector Data Sheet
The N4377A Lightwave Detector is a USB-powered optical-electrical converter with built-in optical power meter capability. It enables frequency domain applications in photonics.

Data Sheet 2019-09-24

N4372E 110 GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer - Data Sheet
The new N4372E extends Keysight’s LCA family for high frequency parametric testing of optical TX and RX up to 110 GHz. It is a vector network analyzer for electro-optic S-parameter measurements.

Data Sheet 2019-09-24

N4891A 400GBASE FEC Aware Receiver Test Solution - Data Sheet
Keysight’s N4891A 400GABASE FEC-aware receiver test solution allows measurement of frame loss ratio in 400G Ethernet links using FEC by supplying one stressed lane, while maintaining the proper FEC striped test pattern data across all lanes.

Data Sheet 2019-09-22

M8131A 16/32 GSa/s Digitizer Preliminary Version 0.6 - Data Sheet
The M8131A is a 16 Gsa/s or 32 GSa/s digitizer. It's a special analyzer solution, and with its build-in acquisition memory allow user capture real-world signals for a certain, limited amount of time. However, it's also embedded an optical streaming interface (ODI), that allows gapless capture for an unlimited amount of time.

Data Sheet 2019-09-18

N777xC Family of Tunable Lasers - Data Sheet
The new Keysight N777xC family of tunable laser sources covers a range of performance classes for outstanding test efficiency in static and swept-wavelength operation.

Data Sheet 2019-09-15

N1095BSCA Optical TX Test Software for IEEE 802.3bs/cd - Data Sheet
The Keysight N1095BSCA Optical TX Test software for IEEE 802.3bs/cd is a measurement application for the DCA-M equivalent-time sampling oscilloscopes designed to save you time and money by automating the task of performing optical PAM4 transmitter (TX) test measurements

Data Sheet 2019-09-04

M8195A 65 GSa/s AWG and M8197A Multi-Channel Synchronization Module - Data Sheet
Arbitrary waveform generator with the highest combination of speed, bandwidth and channel density. Flexible signal generation at up to 32 Gbaud.

Data Sheet 2019-07-16

N4980A Multi-Instrument BERT Software - Data Sheet
The N4980A Multi-Instrument BERT software is a graphical user interface that controls multiple instruments for performing a series of BER measurements.

Data Sheet 2019-06-26

N4917BSCB Optical Receiver Stress Test Solution - Data Sheet
Complete optical receiver stress test solution for 400GbE optical transceivers with automated stress eye calibration and performance compliance testing.

Data Sheet 2019-06-26

Keysight 8160xA Family of Tunable Laser Sources - Data Sheet
The Keysight 8160xA Family of Tunable Laser Sources offers the full wavelength range from 1240 nm to 1650 nm with the highest tuning and sweeping accuracy and power stability.

Data Sheet 2019-05-21

M80885RCA DDR5 Receiver Conformance and Characterization Software - Data Sheet
The Keysight Technologies, Inc. M80885RCA DDR5 receiver conformance and characterization software provides a fast and easy way to test, debug and characterize your DDR5 designs.

Data Sheet 2019-05-21

N109256CA OIF-CEI 4.0 Measurement and Debug Application - Data Sheet
Use the N109256CA SW App to characterize CEI-56G-VSR/MR/LR Electrical TX Designs (per OIF-CEI-04.0) using 86100D DCA-X and N109X DCA-M Oscilloscopes.

Data Sheet 2019-04-09

N1091BSCA IEEE 802.3bs/cd Measurement and Debug Application - Data Sheet
Use the N109256CA SW App to characterize CEI-56G-VSR/MR/LR Electrical TX Designs (per OIF-CEI-04.0) using 86100D DCA-X and N109X DCA-M Oscilloscopes.

Data Sheet 2019-04-09

N4917BACA Optical Receiver Stress Test Solution 100 Gb/s Ethernet - Data Sheet
The N4917B optical receiver stress test solution provides an automated stressed receiver sensitivity test in accordance with the 100GBASE-LR4, ER4 and SR4 test specifications as well as with the following 100G Multi Source Agreements: CLR4, CWDM4, 4WDM.

Data Sheet 2019-01-24


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