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How to use AWG measurements to help with PAM-4 implementation
Learn how to use an arbitrary waveform generator and scopes to measure and analyze PAM-4 signals. Elements include transitioning from NRZ to PAM-4 signals, influencing the shape of the eye and the resulting spectral behavior, adding distortions to see receiver response, adding pre-distortion, and embedding your channel.

Демонстрация 2016-02-29

Realistic Ultra Wideband Radar Signal - Demo
Testing of radar systems can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Radar transceivers must be designed and tested with realistic environment and jamming scenarios, which often involve costly outdoor ranges, chambers, and real-time hardware simulators.

Демонстрация 2013-11-25

Keysight 81180A Pulse Pattern Generator Video
Keysight 81180A Pulse Pattern Generator Video

Демонстрация 2011-12-07

New AWG M8190A Video
New AWG M8190A Video

Демонстрация 2011-11-08

View the AWG M8190A short video
View the AWG M8190A short video

Демонстрация 2011-09-06

33521A and 33522A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator Videos
View product overview and "how to" videos to learn how the 33521A and 33522A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators provide a new level of accuracy and flexibility never seen before.

Демонстрация 2010-08-01

81180A Video Demos
These short web based demos show the versatility of the 81180A and some useful application hints.

Демонстрация 2010-04-12

33250A Demonstration
Learn more about the Keysight 33250A features by reviewing this flash demonstration.

Демонстрация 2002-06-19