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Keysight’s Virtual Drive Test Toolset selected by FAW to Validate Cellular Performance

Материалы для прессы 2020-08-28

Keysight’s 5G Test Solutions Enable SK Telecom to Verify Performance of 5G Devices

Материалы для прессы 2020-07-30

Keysight First to Gain Validation of 5G USIM Protocol Conformance Test Cases by GCF

Материалы для прессы 2020-07-29

Keysight First to Gain Approval from 3GPP for 5G NR Protocol Test Cases that Support CA
Keysight’s 5G network emulation solution supports the widest range of protocol conformance test cases validated by the Global Certification Forum

Материалы для прессы 2020-05-04

Enables Major U.S. Mobile Operators to Accelerate 5G with Leading Number of 5G Device Test Cases
Keysight delivers more than 600 validated test cases to support 5G new radio (NR) device acceptance plans

Материалы для прессы 2020-01-30

Keysight First to Achieve 3GPP C-V2X Radio Frequency Conformance Test Case Validation
Keysight solutions enable the automotive industry to accelerate commercialization of connected cars and autonomous vehicles

Материалы для прессы 2019-11-25

Qualcomm Extend 5G Collaboration to Accelerate Commercialization of DSS Technology

Материалы для прессы 2019-11-25

Keysight, Sprint Collaborate to Accelerate Commercial Deployment of 5G Technology

Материалы для прессы 2019-11-19

Keysight Technologies Enables the Global Certification Forum to Certify 5G New Radio Mobile Devices

Материалы для прессы 2019-11-04

5G Conformance Test Solutions Selected by Bureau Veritas for Global 5G NR Device Certification
Enables leading test house to address 5G radio frequency (RF) conformance test requirements in sub-6GHz and mmWave frequencies

Материалы для прессы 2019-10-08

PCTEST Address Critical Regulatory Requirements for FCC Testing & Certification of 5G Mobile Devices
Leading test house uses Keysight’s 5G network emulation solutions to deliver over-the-air (OTA) test services in mmWave frequency spectrum

Материалы для прессы 2019-10-02

Keysight, OPPO Establish Joint 5G Test Laboratory in Shenzhen, China
Leading smartphone manufacturer uses Keysight’s 5G network emulation solutions to ensure superior performance of new 5G devices

Материалы для прессы 2019-09-27

Keysight Technologies, Tech Mahindra Collaborate to Accelerate Adoption of 5G Devices Globally
Ensure 5G devices perform successfully on mobile operators’ networks

Материалы для прессы 2019-09-25

Keysight Accelerates Market Introduction of 5G Devices with 5G NR Conformance Test Cases

Материалы для прессы 2019-09-19

Keysight Delivers 5G New Radio (NR) Protocol Conformance Test Cases Validated by GCF and PTCRB

Материалы для прессы 2019-08-08

Keysight, Qualcomm Collaborate to Obtain GCF Validation of 5G RF Demodulation and RRM Test Cases
Achievement accelerates global certification of 5G devices

Материалы для прессы 2019-07-25

Keysight Supports GCF Validated 5G NR Conformance RF Test Cases Following CAG#59 Meeting

Материалы для прессы 2019-07-23

Keysight Enables Qualcomm to Demonstrate Industry’s First 5G Laptop with Integrated Modem
Keysight’s 5G network emulation solutions used to showcase Qualcomm’s 8cx system-on-a-chip and X55 modem platform for Windows 10.

Материалы для прессы 2019-06-19

Keysight Technologies Strengthens Leadership Position in PTCRB

Материалы для прессы 2019-05-30

Keysight Accelerates Global Certification of 5G Devices with 5G NR Conformance Test Case Leadership

Материалы для прессы 2019-04-15

Keysight Technologies Provides 5G NR Mobile Device Conformance Test Solutions to NTT DOCOMO
Keysight’s scalable 5G solutions support leading Japanese mobile operator in validating 5G NR mobile devices comply to the latest 3GPP standards.

Материалы для прессы 2019-04-10

Keysight Enables Activation of GCF Certification for 5G New Radio (NR) Standalone (SA) Mobile Device

Материалы для прессы 2019-04-02

Keysight Enables Activation of GCF Certification for 5G New Radio (NR) Standalone Mobile Devices
Keysight’s 5G radio frequency (RF) test coverage accelerates 5G NR mobile device certification for 5G NR standalone mode.

Материалы для прессы 2019-04-02

Keysight's 5G Test Solutions and Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55 5G Modem
Keysight enables validation of 5G NR multi-mode device designs for both FDD and TDD, accelerating global deployments in all major 3GPP frequency bands

Материалы для прессы 2019-04-01

Keysight, Intel Mobile Communications Denmark, Telenor Denmark, Aalborg University Complete Project
Keysight’s virtual drive testing tools help research partners benchmark base stations and mobile devices in field-realistic lab environment.

Материалы для прессы 2019-03-20

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