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NB-IoT Success Hinges on Overcoming 3 Challenges
Ensuring NB-IoT devices and systems are fully optimized for use in the industrial IoT (IIoT) requires critical attention to battery life, network coverage, and cost.

Case Study 2018-04-18

Key Technologies Needed to Advance Mission-Critical IoT
To succeed in the mission-critical Internet of Things (IoT), designers, manufacturers, network operators, and service providers must take a proactive approach to dealing with the challenges they face.

Case Study 2018-04-13

Accelerate your workflow with Keysight PathWave
Keysight PathWave is a new design and test software platform that accelerates your product development workflow from through manufacturing and deployment.

Feature Story 2018-03-30

Integrating Design and Test Workflow
Until now, an integrated and connected solution was not available. Now, you can take advantage of the technology of the future and integrate your design and test workflow with Keysight PathWave.

Article 2018-03-14

Keysight EEsof EDA Newsletter - Product and Application News
Keep tabs on the latest product and application news and review the archives of the Keysight EEsof EDA Newsletter.

Newsletter 2018-03-05

2017 Global Electronic T & M Software Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award
Frost and Sullivan awards Keysight Technologies the 2017 Global Electronic Test & Measurement Software Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.

Article 2018-02-01

Keysight Translator for QDART Test
Keysight Translator software for QDART

Article 2018-01-30

The Problems of Testing 5G, Part 1 - Article Reprint by Moray Rumney
This article introduces the challenges of testing 5G devices, with a discussion of New Radio (NR)

Article 2018-01-29

Automotive Radar Test Solution
A coherent and future-ready automotive radar test solution with precise verification of mmWave radar signals can ensure your design performs at it's best in preventing accidents and saving lives on the road.

Case Study 2018-01-23

Creating an Impedance Matching Method for Wireless Battery Charging
NCKU researchers use ADS to develop a simple, yet effective DC-driving impedance matching method for rectifier-antennas and wirelessly charging implantable Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

Article 2018-01-01

Visibility Helps Retailer Reduce Mean-Time-to-Resolution by 75%
A large retail pharmacy was able to increase data access and the efficiency of their growing portfolio of monitoring tools by deploying Ixia taps and Vision series packet brokers. By eliminating blind spots in their view of network traffic, the company was able to quickly identify and resolve performance issues.

Case Study 2017-12-07

Emerging Solutions to Hybrid and Electric Vehicle DC:DC Converter Design and Test
Discusses design and test challenges for DC:DC converters in electric vehicles (EV), and the new EV test solutions needed to reduce cost and provide performance.

Case Study 2017-12-05

Going Beyond S-parameters with an Advanced Architecture for Vector Network Analysis
This article explores how architectural advances such as a second internal signal generator, a signal combiner, signal-routing switches, and internal pulse modulators and generators can be used to greatly expand the range of measurements achievable with the PNA-X.

Article 2017-12-05

Vectorless Test EP (VTEP) Goes Head-to-Head with Keysight TestJet - Case Study
VTEP has proven its abilities to improve in-circuit test coverage by over 80 percent compared to the older TestJet technology, especially on boards with hard-to-test packages such as BGAs, micro-BGAs, and SMT edge connectors.

Case Study 2017-12-01

Exploring 5G Coexistence Scenarios
Presents three sets of case studies and describes a flexible testbed suitable for use in an R&D setting.

Case Study 2017-12-01

Transphorm Details Know-how around Circuit Design and Associated Layouts
Understand the characteristics of GaN power transistors and design them using an appropriate method and process.

Case Study 2017-11-24

OTA Test for Millimeter-Wave 5G NR Devices and Systems
Learn the challenges of over-the-air (OTA) testing and the associated test methods of millimeter-wave devices.

Case Study 2017-11-13

Entertainment Arena Validates New Cutting-Edge Wi-Fi Services
See how the arena validated their Wi-Fi coverage plan and network performance to find two pre-deployment design defects, and in the end made, the new service a resounding success.

Case Study 2017-11-10

ROHM Develops Additional Product Families to Promote CXPI Leveraging Keysight’s CXPI Bus
Keysight’s CXPI bus analyzer played an active role in supporting ROHM in its design evaluations of industry’s first CXPI transceiver.

Case Study 2017-11-10

Children's Health Care System Improves Visibility and Solves Application Performance Issues
Cook Children's Health Care System reduced their mean time to repair for network issues and increased monitoring tool efficiency.

Case Study 2017-11-08

Corsa Technology Finds the Right 100Gbps Network Security Test Solution
Corsa Technology, a high-performance network security enforcement platform vendor could accelerate time-to-market by quickly isolating issues and validating their latest service provider designs under the most realistic conditions. Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) streams with the latest attack signature updates helped the product be ready to test for resilience under latest attacks.

Case Study 2017-11-08

Validating Automotive Ethernet Conformance and Performance - Case Study
This case study explores how the BMW Group was successful in validating their automotive Ethernet toolchain, getting visibility into the performance and robustness of the switches integrated in ECUs.

Case Study 2017-11-03

Validating Automotive Ethernet Conformance and Performance
Explores how the BMW Group was successful in validating their automotive Ethernet toolchain, getting visibility into the performance of the switches integrated in ECUs.

Case Study 2017-11-03

Lack of Visibility Drives Public Cloud Security Risk
Ixia commissioned Dimensional Research to conduct a survey of cloud users to understand their top concerns about managing cloud operations.

Case Study 2017-11-01

Understanding the 5G NR Physical Layer
Learn what’s new with the recent 3GPP NR specification released in December 2017.

Case Study 2017-11-01


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