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SRAM Cell Model Generation and Modeling Efficiency Take Center Stage in New Software Releases
Accurate and efficient modeling is critical to successful design, especially when it comes to the Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) cell, the minimum geometry devices in integrated circuit technology.

Artigo 2017-05-04

Service Provider Maximizes Visibility in Mobile Networks
As a mobile service provider's network had grown, the existing solution was not able to keep up with the traffic. Ixia's solution complemented the monitoring architecture and provided the data needed to ensure service assurance and big data analysis.

Estudo de Caso 2017-05-01

Health Institute Cuts Network Diagnosis Time from Days to Hours
Combining the IXIA Network Packet Broker with Riverbed’s OPNET performance monitoring system, a Texas healthcare provider was able to increase network speeds, shrink network troubleshooting times from days to hours. They also reduced their mean time to repair (MTTR) by 80% saving them big on IT operational expenses.

Estudo de Caso 2017-04-27

Government Agency Reduces Network Security Costs $260K
Using a network packet broker (NPB) whose processes reduce the volume of monitoring data that needed to be inspected by the customer's security tools, the government agency was able to improve their network security and lower costs.

Estudo de Caso 2017-04-25

Villanova Professor and Students “Bang Heads” for Nanotechnology Research
Dr. Gang Feng, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Villanova University, is using advanced materials measurement technology to understand concussions, energy storage, and more.

Artigo 2017-04-21

Expanding IEEE Std 1149.1 Boundary-Scan Architecture Beyond Manufacturing Test of PCBA
This paper will discuss the expanded use of boundary-scan testing beyond the typical manufacturing test to capture structural defects on a components/devices in a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

Artigo 2017-04-01

Republic Polytechnic Partners with Ixia to Nurture Cyber Security Professionals
Cyber security program builds a pool of skilled professionals.

Estudo de Caso 2017-04-01

Service Provider Secures Network, Blocks Threats, and Boosts Efficiency
ThreatARMOR intelligence gateway run in passive mode on the service provider's production network identified data leakage to a malicious IP address.

Estudo de Caso 2017-03-30

STMicroelectronics and University of Lyon Predict EMI Using ADS - Case Study
Learn how STMicroelectronics and University of Lyon designers used ADS to develop a network parameter block technique to satisfy their need for accurate and general EMI modeling.

Estudo de Caso 2017-03-17

STMicroelectronics and University of Lyon Predict EMI Using ADS
Learn how STMicroelectronics and University of Lyon designers used ADS to develop a network parameter block technique.

Estudo de Caso 2017-03-17

Python Programming integration with IC-CAP
Learn what versions of IC-CAP are supported and see an example of how to get the MOSFET threshold voltage using Python in this blog post.

Artigo 2017-03-16

Ensuring High Signal Quality in PCIe Gen3 Channels
This Signal Integrity Journal article written by Keysight engineer, Anil Kumar Pandey includes the challenges of maintaining transmission channel signal quality in today's PCIe Gen3 Channels.

Artigo 2017-03-14

Security Report 2017
Analysis of the impacts of cloud technology trends including examinations of the shifting environment of network security, how security reach is expanding, and new areas of vulnerability.

Artigo 2017-03-13

The ABCs of Network Visibility
Understand the terminology associated with network monitoring, network visibility, and network blind spots.

Artigo 2017-03-08

Accurate Statistical-Based DDR4 Margin Estimation Using SSN Induced Jitter Model
This paper proposes a methodology, that improves the accuracy of DDR4 statistical simulation, by using the mask correction factor.

Miscellaneous Journal 2017-03-04

Heidi Barnes: DesignCon 2017 Engineer of the Year
EDN Network's Martin Rowe interviews Heidi Barnes, DesignCon 2017 Engineer of the Year.

Artigo 2017-02-23

Service Provider Strengthens Defense Against Cyberattacks
Seeking a strong security infrastructure that would identify and prevent cyberattacks in real-time, while minimizing network latency and any impact on its end-users, the Internet provider deployed Ixia's iBypass switch and NPB.

Estudo de Caso 2017-02-10

Why Device Modeling Services?
IC design stands on the shoulders of device modeling and characterization.

Artigo 2017-02-03

IEEE 802.11™: Wireless LANs
Through the IEEE-SA, industry, and government support, select IEEE standards are available for download at no charge.

Estudo de Caso 2017-02-01

Network Visibility for Dummies
Learn how to use a visibility foundation to access the relevant traffic moving through your organization, deliver the information you need to protect and maximize customer experience.

Artigo 2017-01-31

Hawkeye – Ensure Wireless Deployment Quality
Conduct wireless network assessments with Hawkeye by deploying wireless-enabled endpoints in different locations on a campus; or between different sites with software endpoints deployed on Android, iOS, MS Windows, or Linux devices.

Estudo de Caso 2017-01-23

Hawkeye – Ensure Your Network is Ready for Lync-Skype for Business
Network readiness assessment for UC relies on a methodical approach. Ixia Professional Services and our partners use Hawkeye solutions to systematically monitor IP network bandwidth and help customers determine optimal UC implementation.

Estudo de Caso 2017-01-23

Hawkeye – Continuous Proactive Bandwidth Monitoring
Using Hawkeye, network infrastructure teams can conduct specific active bandwidth measurements to understand the peaks and troughs of bandwidth availability.

Estudo de Caso 2017-01-23

Addressing The Challenges Facing IoT Adoption - Article Reprint
Addressing The Challenges Facing IoT Adoption - Article Reprint

Artigo 2017-01-23

Hawkeye – Monitor Voice over IP (VoIP) Quality
Hawkeye active monitoring is a cost-efficient way to deploy a monitoring solution to validate quality of voice deployments in a distributed multi-site environment.

Estudo de Caso 2017-01-23

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