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Troubleshooting Interactions Multi-Standard Radio | 89600 VSA Software | Keysight Technologies
Learn how the 89600 VSA software's ability to acquire data from multiple instruments can be used to troubleshoot interactions between signals in a multi-standard radio.

Demo 2019-03-11

Using PathWave FPGA with the M3102A Digitizer
Get more from your arbitrary waveform generator, digitizer, and transceiver. You can add logic, control, and combinatorial routines to a wide range of Keysight instruments. PathWave FPGA opens up Keysight instruments to enable you to insert custom logic into the instrument FPGA. This video shows how to use PathWave FPGA with the Keysight M3102A Digitizer.

Demo 2019-03-08

Data Analytics Software- Visualize and Analyze Any Measurement Data
See how and why measurement data analytics tools can reduce time-to-market for your engineering projects. This video looks at the design to manufacturing process and requirements for data collection specified by an initial design. Useful data visualization and analytics improve the workflow across your globally dispersed teams.

Demo 2019-03-06

Keysight UXR Product Feature
Keysight's new Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscopes deliver industry leading signal integrity from 13 GHz to 110 GHz enabling you to create the technology of the future. Do what has never been done.

Product Tour 2019-02-27

5G NR drive testing and benchmarking with Nemo Intelligent Device Interface
Nemo Intelligent Device Interface is a new device control solution for QoS and QoE measurements. It enables the benchmarking and drive testing of all cellular technologies ranging from legacy 2G to 5G NR and is easily expandable from a single handheld unit to a large-scale benchmarking system.

Demo 2019-02-20

DDR5 Rx Testing is a Whole New Ballgame - #28
DDR5 Rx Testing is a Whole New Ballgame - #28

Demo 2019-02-18

Memory, DDR, and JEDEC - EEs Talk Tech #24
Memory, DDR, and JEDEC - EEs Talk Tech #24

Demo 2019-02-18

Secret Specs, LPDDR5 and Interposers - EEs Talk Tech #26
Secret Specs, LPDDR5 and Interposers - EEs Talk Tech #26

Demo 2019-02-18

DDR5 and 3D Silicon - EEs Talk Tech #25
DDR5 and 3D Silicon - EEs Talk Tech #25

Demo 2019-02-18

Device Modeling Videos on YouTube
Device Modeling Video Library playlist in Keysight EEsof EDA's Channel on YouTube

Demo 2019-02-07

Workspace Management in ADS 2019
Learn about some of the new workspace management features that are part of Advanced Design System (ADS) 2019.

Demo 2019-01-29

Keysight Benchvue Setup guide for Lab Management and Control Solution - Demo Video
Cover all the prerequisite software installation and instrument setup procedures

Demo 2019-01-23

Lab administrator feature - Demo Video
Introduction of Lab administrator feature to allow lab admin to monitor the lab instrument connection status

Demo 2019-01-23

Asset tracking feature - Demo Video
Introduction of asset tracking feature to allow lab admin to track their lab instruments in the lab

Demo 2019-01-23

5G NR Drive Test in Elisa Network
5G NR coverage measurements help to understand the differences between 5G NR and 4G deployments and the impact of having both technologies on the same sites. Elisa is a leader in the implementation of 5G NR in Finland and Estonia. Together with Keysight, Elisa conducts early 5G NR field measurements.

Demo 2019-01-19

SystemVue Video Library
SystemVue Video Library playlist in Keysight EEsof EDA's Channel on YouTube

Demo 2019-01-09

Avoidance Routing in ADS 2019
Learn how to use the Avoidance Routing feature in Advanced Design System (ADS) 2019 to automatically build DRC-compliant RF Module and Package Designs

Demo 2019-01-03

Datalink Add-on in ADS 2019
Learn how to use the Datalink Add-on feature in Advanced Design System (ADS) 2019 which enables advanced data analysis directly from Data Display using Python.

Demo 2019-01-03

Top Features to Consider When Selecting an Oscilloscope
Selecting the right oscilloscope to meet your testing needs is not always easy or obvious. Learn critical features you should consider when choosing an oscilloscope and what capabilities you should invest in.

Demo 2019-01-02

Tips and Techniques for Making the Best Oscilloscope Measurements
Learn industry best practices to improve your oscilloscope testing and help you make more accurate measurements.

Demo 2019-01-02

What Does Keysight Do?
See how Keysight helps leading technology companies bring breakthrough products to market.

Demo 2018-12-21

EV1003A Power Converter Test Solution for HEV / EV and HEMS

Demo 2018-12-17

KeysightCare Solution Overview
This video introduces KeysightCare – a subscription-based support and services platform for hardware, software and technology.

Demo 2018-12-03

5G NR Beam Coverage and Quality Field Measurement with Nemo Solutions
Using Keysight Nemo 5G scanner solutions to measure and analyze coverage and quality of 5G NR beams in real field conditions.

Demo 2018-12-03

Keysight EEsof EDA Videos on YouTube
YouTube channel of Keysight EEsof EDA Videos

Demo 2018-11-26

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