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Logging Measurements over Time with a Bench Power Supply - Application Note
Traditionally, power supplies would only tell you the instantaneous output power. If you wanted to record data over time it required extra equipment and extra setup. Today, though, some modern bench power supplies include a built-in data logger feature. While the data logger is simple to use – reading this application note provides examples and advance capabilities.

Application Note 2019-12-03

Overcoming LoRa Device RF Measurement Challenges - Application Note
This Application Note offers an introduction to some key LoRa device RF measurement challenges and offers guidance to how users can overcome these using Keysight’s test solutions.

Application Note 2019-12-01

Characterizing Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Serial Buses In Embedded Designs - Application Note
Learn about probing the hi-speed USB 2.0 serial bus and see some unique debugging tools and capabilities that can help you get your embedded designs to market faster.

Application Note 2019-11-26

Combat Interferers with RF Spectrum Monitoring - White Paper
In today’s crowded radio-frequency (RF) spectrum, interference is a frequent and unpredictable threat to performance and security. You must be able to detect, classify, and locate it quickly and accurately.

Application Note 2019-11-22

Top Five Reasons Why U2040 X-Series Power Sensors Are Ideal For Wireless Chipset Manufacturing Tests
This application brief details the top five reasons why the X-Series wide dynamic range power sensors are the ideal solution for wireless chipset manufacturing tests

Application Note 2019-11-22

Doubling Production Throughput with i3070 Advanced Throughput Multiplier - Application Note
This application note describes what it takes to upgrade an existing i3070 Series 5 system (both offline and inline) to enable the advanced throughput multiplier feature. It addresses test program development, debugging procedures, test throughput improvement results, and other benefits.

Application Note 2019-11-22

Ditch the Switch for Multiport Measurements - White Paper
This white paper covers the four ways a modular multiport vector network analyzer (VNA) helps you address modern measurement challenges.

Application Note 2019-11-19

Viewing Graphical Results on a DMM Display - Application Note
The Keysight 34461A offers a way to get insight into your measurement data without transferring your data to a PC.

Application Note 2019-11-18

Spectrum Analysis and the Frequency Domain - Application Note
FieldFox Fundamentals Lesson 2 — Spectrum analysis and the frequency domain using FieldFox handheld analyzers

Application Note 2019-11-15

Simultaneous Measurements with a Digital Multimeter - Application Note
Learn how the Truevolt Series DMMs help designers make secondary measurements without ever having to change the instrument’s configuration. The advanced functionality on the Keysight 34460A series and Keysight 34470A series DMMs with expanded math functions mean that designers can now analyze their data faster.

Application Note 2019-11-14

Practical Temperature Measurements - Application Note
This application note explores the more common temperature measurement techniques and introduces procedures for improving their accuracy.

Application Note 2019-11-14

Optimize Power Distribution Networks for Flat Impedance
Too many designers leverage a previous design or a data sheet example and wait until measurement to debug. That is a risky and expensive way to design. A better approach is to start with pre-layout to explore the right design space before going to layout and optimization.

Application Note 2019-11-11

Improving Analysis Accuracy in Power Circuit Simulation
Case Study TDK Corporation

Application Note 2019-11-11

High-Speed Digital Design Success Demands a Modern Workflow
A simulation and measurement-based workflow enables Power Integrity engineers to design resonant-free power delivery and avoid rogue voltage waves.

Application Note 2019-11-08

Make Accurate Radar Receiver Measurements - White Paper
In this paper you will review a typical test setup for a radar receiver under test, analyze drift of critical power level accuracy, model the results, and gain insights to reduce risk.

Application Note 2019-11-07

Best Practices for Using the CX3300A’s Data Logger Mode for Long Duration Measurement
The CX3300A’s data logger mode records the precise current and voltage waveform at high sampling rate and offers quick analysis functions. This application note shows how effectively you can use them.

Application Note 2019-11-07

Investigate Interference Issues in the Field with RTSA - White Paper
Interference is everywhere — and traditional analysis isn’t reliable. This white paper discusses interference sources, the flaws of traditional analysis, and how RTSA aids interference detection.

Application Note 2019-11-06

Effective Multi-tap Transformer Measurement using a Scanner and the 4263B LCR Meter – App Note
This application note shows an effective multi-tap transformer measurement using a scanner and the 4263B LCR Meter.

Application Note 2019-11-05

Keysight Pass/Fail Decision Rules - Application Note
A decision rule is a “rule that describes how measurement uncertainty is accounted for when stating conformity with a specified requirement.” When you perform a measurement and subsequently compare the result to a specification, making a statement of conformity (for example, in or out of tolerance, or pass / fail), you have two possible outcomes: You make a correct pass / fail decision or you make an incorrect pass / fail decision.

Application Note 2019-11-02

Overcome Forward Error Correction Challenges in 400G Device Designs - White Paper
Test standards for 400G and beyond require FEC in layer1 testing to characterize the system margin and to correct errors in data transmission that otherwise do not run error-free by design.

Application Note 2019-10-31

First Steps in 5G: Overcoming New Radio Device Design Challenges Series - Part 3 - White Paper
MIMO (multi-input, multiple-output), beam steering, and beamforming are the most talked about technologies in 5G. They are essential to deliver 100x the data rates and 1000x the capacity goals specified in IMT-2020 vision. MIMO is one of the best ways to improve the capacity and efficiency of a network to meet these demands. For devices, multi-antenna technologies must be supported across multiple frequency bands – from sub-6 GHz to mmWave frequencies – and across many scenarios, including massive IoT connections and extreme data throughput.

Application Note 2019-10-30

First Steps in 5G: Overcoming New Radio Device Design Challenges Series - Part 1 - White Paper
5G NR introduces new challenges for device and component designers. This white paper series explores the lower layers of the communication stack and how to those challenges.

Application Note 2019-10-30

First Steps in 5G: Overcoming New Radio Device Design Challenges Series - Part 4 - White Paper
Over-the-air (OTA) testing is one of the most challenging aspects of 5G device development. In this series, we’ve looked at many aspects of 5G for device designers, including the new 5G NR standard, flexible numerology, millimeter-wave (mmWave) design considerations, MIMO, and beamforming challenges. The combination of these technologies introduces substantial new test challenges that can only be validated with OTA testing.

Application Note 2019-10-30

First Steps in 5G: Overcoming New Radio Device Design Challenges Series - Part 2 - White Paper
5G New Radio: Overcoming New Radio Design Challenges - part 2 in this white paper series explores the issues designers face when working in the millimeter-wave spectrum. There are challenges in meeting signal quality requirements at mmWave frequencies.

Application Note 2019-10-30

Infiniium Oscilloscopes with 89600 VSA Software - Application Note
This application note describes the characteristics, setup, and operation of an Infiniium Series oscilloscope with 89600B vector signal analysis software to provide broadband vector signal analysis.

Application Note 2019-10-28


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