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Extensible VEE Object (EVO) Developer's Guideline - Application Note
Keysight VEE provides a way to extend Keysight VEE functionality by introducing Extensible VEE Object (EVO). Each EVO has its own GUI control and execution behavior, and is similar to generic VEE object.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-28

Electronic Warfare Signal Generation: Technologies and Methods - Application Note
This application note summarizes the available technological approaches for EW signal and environment simulation, and the latest progress in flexible, high-fidelity solutions.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-18

Measuring Radar Signals with Vector Signal Analyzers and Wideband Instruments - Application Note
This application note provides insights into measuring radar signals with vector signal analyzers and wideband instruments and is part 4 in a series of radar application notes.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-17

Transitioning to a PXI Test System - Application note
This application note reviews potential hardware and software issues to consider when transitioning from a benchtop to a PXI test system.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-17

RF Streaming for Aerospace & Defense Applications - Application Note
This application note will examine some of the challenges and considerations a system engineer should consider when developing an RF streaming and recording solution.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-16

The Journey of a Signal - Optimize your Signal Analysis Measurements - White Paper
This paper explains the high-level design of a signal analyzer and how to use that knowledge to avoid mistakes and make optimum measurements.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-15

Enabling Breakthroughs in Terabit Research - Application Note
This application note explores new measurement capabilities that enable breakthroughs in terabit research. It outlines four groundbreaking applications: coherent optical, 802.11ay WLAN, high-speed digital buses, and 5G MIMO.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-14

Analysis of Test Time in Electronics Development Workflows - White Paper
In this paper, we explore three tasks that distract test engineers from their primary job function and discuss how to handle them more quickly and efficiently.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-07

Test Orientation of Polarized Capacitor in i3070 ICT Test Platform - Application Note
Reversing the voltage on the polarized capacitor could be hazardous, resulting in explosion or fire. It is crucial to detect wrongly oriented polarized capacitor and get it fixed as early as possible.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-03

Evaluating Oscilloscope Bandwidths for Your Application - Application Note
How much bandwidth does your oscilloscope really need? Learn how to choose the correct bandwidth oscilloscope for your application.

Nota de aplicación 2019-01-01

Metrology-Grade Measurement Challenges - Application Note
This application note analyzes the sources that contribute to measurement uncertainties and summarizes how to achieve the most accurate measurement results with the Keysight N5531X.

Nota de aplicación 2018-12-20


Nota de aplicación 2018-12-02

Testing is Critical for Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles - White Paper
The autonomous vehicle combines various connected car technologies such as sensors, computers, and software which need rigorous testing to ensure conformance to safety and performance standards.

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-28

DDR5 - Full Speed Ahead to 400GE - White Paper
As data center operators migrate their networks to 400GE, they also need to plan for the next generation of high-speed computing interfaces. Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI Express® or PCIe®) expansion bus will move from PCIe 4.0 to PCIe 5.0, and double date rate (DDR) memory will move from DDR4 to DDR5.

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-28

Got Python? Unlock the Future of Test Automation Quickly- White Paper
Test engineers can accelerate their workflow by automating their test plans. Python, integrated with other programming languages, helps test engineers began to automate their tests more quickly.

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-27

When Homegrown Test Software Slows Product - White Paper
Homegrown test software can no longer keep pace with rapid product development cycles. This paper discusses the ways homegrown software slows down hardware testing, and how modern test software environments can help.

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-27

Bit Error Rate or Bit Error Ratio? - White Paper
The bit error ratio is the number of bit errors divided by the total number of bits transferred during a specific time interval. Bit error rate is the number of bit errors per unit time. The bit error rate gives you an indication of your system’s performance relative to bits transferred vs bits received.

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-26

Accelerate debug and evaluation of IoT devices by current profile analysis - Application Note
You can solve the IoT device development challenges and dramatically improve the development efficiency and quality with current profile measurement with a Device Current Waveform Analyzer.

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-22

AWG Functional Building Blocks - White Paper
Use these arbitrary waveform generator functional building blocks to help you understand exactly what is happening in your AWG and reach the full range of your AWGs’ capabilities.

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-12

Evolution of High-Speed Computing Interfaces - White Paper
As data center operators begin begin to migrate from 100GE to 400GE, they need a migration plan that will take them to the next-generation of high-speed computing interfaces (e.g., PCIe or DDR).

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-06

Improve Voltage Regulation Using Remote Sense - White Paper
Learn how to use remote sense to improve load regulation. Most measurements assume steady load regulation.

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-02

Field Testing in 5G NR - White Paper

Nota de aplicación 2018-11-01

Making EMI Compliance Measurements - Application Note
This application note provides an overview of EMI compliance test requirements and measurement approaches.

Nota de aplicación 2018-10-31

Get It Right Every Time with Pre-Compliance Testing - White Paper
Understand how pre-compliance can help you pass final compliance testing and get your product to market on time in a low-cost, low-risk manner.

Nota de aplicación 2018-10-31

Forward Error Correction Solutions - ABCs of Bit Error Rate Testers - White Paper
High data rates, smaller signals, and compressed channels create encoding errors due to unreliable or noisy communication channels. Learn how to combat these errors with Forward Error Correction (FEC) solutions.

Nota de aplicación 2018-10-30

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