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201-225 de 3606

Wavelength and Polarization Dependence of 100G-LR4 Components - Application Note
This application note describes our solution based on the new 81606A or 81608A tunable lasers, for measuring the wavelength and polarization dependence of components for 100G optical links that multiplex multiple wavelengths. Both passive fiber optic components and receiver optical subassemblies are addressed.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-13

Reducing the Cost of Confidence in Testing for NewSpace
This application note presents a holistic view of the satellite lifecycle and outlines a cost model that applies to each stage of that lifecycle.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-12

Reducing the “Cost of Confidence” in Testing for NewSpace - Application Note
In this app note, we outline a cost model that applies to each stage of that lifecycle to help you reduce the “cost of confidence” in the testing of NewSpace systems and payloads

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-12

First Steps in 5G: Overcoming New Radio Device Design Challenges Series - Part 3 - White Paper
MIMO, beam steering, and beamforming are the most talked about technologies in 5G. They are essential to deliver 100x the data rates and 1000x the capacity goals specified in IMT-2020 vision.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-10

De-Risking 5G Product Development - White Paper
Part 1 of this white paper series explores the challenges facing developers of 5G chipsets, devices, network equipment, and carrier networks.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-09

First Steps in 5G: Overcoming New Radio Device Design Challenges Series - Part 4 - White Paper
Over-the-air (OTA) testing is one of the most challenging aspects of 5G device development. In this series, we’ve looked at many aspects of 5G for device designers, including the new 5G NR standard, flexible numerology, millimeter-wave (mmWave) design considerations, MIMO, and beamforming challenges. The combination of these technologies introduces substantial new test challenges that can only be validated with OTA testing.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-06

Overcoming LoRa Device RF Measurement Challenges
This application note offers an introduction to some key LoRa device RF measurement challenges and offers guidance to how users can overcome these using Keysight’s test solutions.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-04

Oscilloscope Waveform Update Rate Determines Ability to Capture Elusive Events - Application Note
See how you can increase your odds of finding infrequent glitches with a high oscilloscope update rate.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-03

On-Wafer Testing of Opto-Electronic Components Using the Lightwave Component Analyzers - Rev.2
This document describes the principles of on-wafer measurements of opto-electronic components using a Lightwave Component Analyzer and provides step-by-step instructions needed to set up a calibration kit prior to the on-wafer calibration, to perform the electronic calibration and to deembed the wafer probes.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-03

Probing a Midpoint of a Transmission Line that is Not Load Terminated - White Paper
With the advent of variable on die termination (i.e. ODT) many systems like low power double data rate memory (LPDDR) have the ability to either terminate a line in its characteristic impedance for high speed operation or terminate it with an open for lower speed operation. Many times there is a desire to probe the transmission line to monitor the signals on the line. When the transmission line is terminated in close to its characteristic impedance, the signals can be readily observed. However, if the line is terminated in an impedance that is not close to the characteristic impedance then it may not be possible to accurately measure the signals.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-03

Using Noise Floor Extension in the PXA Signal Analyzer - Application Note
With sufficient processing and other technical innovations, the noise power in a signal analyzer can be modeled and subtracted from measurement results to reduce the effective noise level.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-03

LIV Test of VCSEL for 3D Sensing - Application Note
This application note explains what the challenges on an LIV characterization is, how the Keysight B2900A SMU can overcome them, and show examples to make LIV measurements using the B2900A Series.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-02

Using Noise Floor Extension in the PXA Signal Analyzer
Keysight’s Noise Floor Extension technology can provide up to 12 dB improvement in analyzer noise floor, revealing some previously hidden signals and allowing other to be more accurately measured.

Nota de aplicación 2018-07-02

Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy: The Y-Factor Method
A low noise figure provides improved signal/noise ratio for analog receivers, and reduces bit error rate in digital receivers. This application note is specific to instruments that use the Y-factor method for noise figure measurement.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-29

A Framework for Understanding: Deriving the Radar Range Equation - Application Note
Radar scans three-dimensional space to gather information about detected objects such as location, shape and speed. This entire process is described in this app note by the radar range equation.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-28

Three Ways USB Noise Sources Help You Removing Uncertainty in Y-factor Measurements - White Paper
USB noise sources are a fantastic alternative for noise figure measurements because of their ease, reliability, and versatility.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-26

Making Better Models with User Data
How to import custom, file-based model data into Genesys and SystemVue

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-23

Bandwidth Boosting Techniques for the Infiniimax Probe Amp and Probe Head - Application Note
Keysight InfiniiMax differential probes are DSP corrected to have a flat magnitude and phase response to provide the highest possible accuracy. The bandwidth chosen to correct to is typically around 3dB non-corrected bandwidth. Usually, extending the bandwidth much beyond that point will increase the noise floor, and if pushed even further, can cause unrealistic noise artifacts. However, the N5381A/B solder-in probe head in combination with the InfiniiMax 1169A/B probe amp is an excellent candidate for extending the bandwidth beyond the 3dB point because the N5381A/B is peaked past the normal 12 GHz bandwidth, and the peaking of the probe head can help compensate for the roll-off of the probe amp bandwidth.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-21

On-Wafer Testing of Opto-Electronic Components Using LCA's
This document describes the principles of on-wafer measurements on opto-electronic components

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-12

On-Wafer Testing of Opto-Electronic Components
Learn how to achieve accurate on-wafer opto-electronic device measurements and have absolute confidence in your results.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-11

Radar/EW Applications
This application note discusses choosing the right emitter generation source for radar/EW applications.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-07

Making Conducted and Radiated Emissions Measurements
Precompliance measurements are intended to give an approximation of the EMI performance of the DUT. The cost of performing compliance tests is a fraction of the cost of full compliance testing using an expensive facility. Learn more about EMI testing in this application note.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-07

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Low-cost Oscilloscope – Application Note
Choosing the right oscilloscope can be a difficult task, especially with a small budget. Ensure you’re getting your money’s worth and avoid these 5 common mistakes when buying a low-cost oscilloscope.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-06

Wide Range of Resistance Measurement Solutions from µΩ to PΩ - Application Note
This application note introduces keysight's resistance measurement solution, and discuss major error factors in resistance measurements and how to eliminate those error factors.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-06

Simulation for 5G New Radio System Design and Verification
There are many challenges for design and verification engineers to develop their commercial 5G devices. Finding effective solutions is one of the greatest challenges for wireless technology experts.

Nota de aplicación 2018-06-06

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