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Multiport and Multi-site Test Optimization Techniques - Application Note
This app note gives an overview of multiport and multi-site test capabilities, how different multiport test solutions compare, and what should be considered when configuring a multi-site test station.

Application Note 2020-03-24

Network Analyzer Measurements: Filter and Amplifier Examples
The network analyzer is used for a variety of device and component characterization tasks in both laboratory and production environments.

Application Note 2020-03-19

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Technologies – Benefits and Test Challenges - Application Note
Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Technologies – Benefits and Test Challenges

Application Note 2020-03-13

N1225A 4-Channel High-Resolution Laser Axis Board for VME - Application Note
N1225A firmware revision B.40

Application Note 2020-03-12

Automotive Ethernet: Enabling the Future of Autonomous Driving
Autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) need higher bandwidth and lower latency. Automotive Ethernet is the new backbone for faster onboard networking.

Application Note 2020-03-12

Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy - The Y-Factor Method - Application Note
Specific to instruments that use the Y-factor method for noise figure measurements, this app note discusses measurement basics, avoidable errors, loss and temperature corrections, and uncertainties.

Application Note 2020-03-02

Spectrum and Signal Analyzer Measurements and Noise Application Note 1303
Noise is the classical limitation of electronics. In this application note, the characteristics of noise and its direct measurement are discussed in detail.

Application Note 2020-02-27

N1225A and the Keysight IO Libraries - Application Note
How to use the Keysight IO Libraries to access the N1225A VME Axis Board.

Application Note 2020-02-18

Software Verifier for nanoVTEP i3070 In-Circuit Tester
Software Verifier for nanoVTEP i3070 In-Circuit Tester

Application Note 2020-02-18

IQ Signal Generation Made Easy - White Paper
This white paper will cover how to generate both ideal and non-ideal IQ signals. We will use the Keysight 33500B and 33600A Trueform Series waveform generators with the IQ Signal Player option to show you how to do this.

Application Note 2020-02-05

What is Frequency Response Analysis
With many of today’s electronic designs, performing frequency response analysis (FRA) is often necessary to ensure they meet performance requirements. Learn about what FRA is and how to set it up to further your testing.

Application Note 2020-02-05

Three Best Practices for Optimizing EVM Measurements for Wideband Signals - White Paper

Application Note 2020-01-31

Designing for DDR4 and Beyond
As memory designers adapt to the added complexity that DDR4 and DDR5 memory brings, it’s imperative that they employ the right simulation-based design and analysis workflow solution.

Application Note 2020-01-26

Software Verifier for nanoVTEP i3070 In-Circuit Tester
The software verifier revision 6.0 is a utility tool for verification of the nanoVTEP signal conditioner board (mux card) and its probe. This application note describes the steps to download, execute, and interpret its test results.

Application Note 2020-01-23

PCIe 5.0 The Next Generation of Peripheral Component Interconnect - White Paper
Defining the Next Standard in Interconnect Technology

Application Note 2020-01-21

Create Accurate EVM Measurements with the PNA-X Series Network Analyzer
In this application note, you will learn an innovative method for characterizing nonlinearity of the power amplifier under modulated stimulus condition.

Application Note 2020-01-20

Four Channel Power Measurement Must-Haves for Your Field Kit - White Paper
Modern communications systems have complex modulation formats. This white paper covers four channel power measurements you should make in the field to ensure the performance and compliance of these systems.

Application Note 2020-01-19

How to Perform Low Current and Narrow Pulse Measurements Using the M9601A PXIe SMU
You will learn how to perform low current and narrow pulse measurement through lab exercises using the M9601A PXIe SMU.

Application Note 2020-01-16

Modulation Techniques for Satellite Communications
This white paper focuses on modulation techniques for modern satellite communications from generating and analyzing the signals to the impacts of phase noise on modulation quality.

Application Note 2020-01-11

Comparisons: DAQ970A/DAQ973A to 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition System - White Paper
This paper provides a comparison of the next generation DAQ970A/DAQ973A and, the 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition Systems.

Application Note 2020-01-06

How to Create Baseband Waveforms and Download Them to RF Vector Signal Generators - Application Note
Understand the hardware structure and requirements for waveform data so that you can generate correct waveforms and download the waveforms into vector signal generators.

Application Note 2019-12-24

Best Practices for Using the CX3300A’s Data Logger Mode for Long Duration Measurement
The CX3300A’s data logger mode records the precise current and voltage waveform at high sampling rate and offers quick analysis functions. This application note shows how effectively you can use them.

Application Note 2019-12-10

Best Practices for 5G Core Network Validation - White Paper
5G is revolutionizing the mobile core network. Mobile network operators need to virtualize their core network and implement challenging concepts to achieve true elastic scalability and optimize costs.

Application Note 2019-12-07

Public Safety Communications Close the Digital Gap - White Paper
Learn about migrating from analog to digital communications systems using technologies based on the APCO P25, TETRA, or DMR standards.

Application Note 2019-12-05

NewTools Aid Signals Development - White Paper
In today’s crowded, fast-changing signal environment, signal development grows increasingly critical as new devices and services continuously turn on, and frequencies are adjusted to compensate

Application Note 2019-12-05


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