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See Your Signals in 20/20 - Promotional Flyer
Keysight RF software and hardware are better together. Purchase select measurement software and get 35% off a signal analyzer or signal generator.

Promotional Materials 2020-09-30

M981xAS Series PXIe Vector Component Analyzer - Data Sheet
This literature describes the technical specifications for the M981xAS Series PXIe Vector Component Analyzer (VCA).

Data Sheet 2020-06-19

Educational Discount Up to 50%
Save 15% on Hardware and 50% on Software

Promotional Materials 2020-05-31

M981xAS PXIe Vector Component Analyzers Quick Start Guide
This guide documents system requirements, hardware requirements and how to install M981xAS PXIe Vector Component Analyzers.

Quick Start Guide 2020-05-29

N1913A/N1914A EPM Series Firmware Revision History
N1913A/N1914A EPM Series Firmware Revision History.

Release Notes 2020-05-29

Keysight License Types & Terms
Keysight licensing types and terms provide flexible access to our extensive offering of software products.

Selection Guide 2020-05-29

Protect Your Software Investment - Brochure
Software Upgrade Program Flyer

Brochure 2020-05-29

Release Notes (Version 10.20.00703)
Release notes for version 10.20.00703 of the D9010BSEO Infiniium Offline oscilloscope analysis software.

Release Notes 2020-05-28

PathWave Model Builder (MBP): How to use Lib Tweaking
This video demonstration provides a step-by-step overview of how to use the Lib Tweaking feature in MBP.

Demo 2020-05-28

Release Notes (Version 10.20.00703)
Release notes for version 10.20.00703 of the Infiniium UXR-Series real-time oscilloscopes software.

Release Notes 2020-05-28

User's Guides, Programmer's Guides, and Online Help (Version 10.20.00703)
This is the online help for the Infiniium UXR-Series real-time oscilloscopes..

Help File 2020-05-28

ZIP ZIP 106.50 MB
Low-Cost Power Sources Meet Advanced ADC and VCO Characterization Requirements – Application Note
This application note shows how the low-cost Keysight B2961A/B2962A 6.5 digit power sources can characterize 14-bit ADC circuits and VCOs requiring a 10 microvolt RMS noise floor.

Application Note 2020-05-27

User's Guides, Programmer's Guides, and Online Help (Version 11.00.02105)
This is the online help for the Infiniium MXR-Series real-time oscilloscopes..

Help File 2020-05-27

ZIP ZIP 106.67 MB
S9101A 5G Multi-Band Vector Transceiver -- Configuration Guide
This configuration guide contains information to help configure the Keysight S9101A 5G Multi-Band Vector Transceiver.

Configuration Guide 2020-05-26

PDF PDF 391 Bytes
Precise Low Resistance Measurements Using the B2961A and 34420A - Application Note
This application note describes how to find the optimal test current for precise low resistance measurement using the Keysight B2961A in conjunction with the Keysight 34420A.

Application Note 2020-05-25

How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your Portable IoT Devices - Application Note
Learn how to use the Keysight X8712A IoT device battery life optimization test solution to detect design weaknesses and predict the battery life of an IoT device.

Application Note 2020-05-22

Four Measurements You Can Perform on the Go
This white paper discusses the importance of commonly made radio frequency field measurements: real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA), noise figure, over-the-air measurements (OTA), and cable and antenna test (CAT).

Application Note 2020-05-22

3D Model (Step Format) of Infiniium S-Series Oscilloscopes
This is a Step format 3D model of the Infiniium S-Series oscilloscopes for inclusion in your 3D models for rack mounting solutions, etc.

Technical Overview 2020-05-21

ZIP ZIP 14.21 MB
Power Supply Test Software for Infiniium MXR-Series Oscilloscopes
Power supply analysis is easy with Keysight’s Infiniium MXR-Series oscilloscopes with the optional D9010PWRA software. The broad range of automated power supply characterization measurements including critical frequency response measurements such as power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and control loop response (Bode plots). The Infiniium MXR-Series oscilloscopes also support multi-channel waveform mask testing for detailed analysis of supply system turn-on/turn-off testing of up to 8 power supply lines.

Data Sheet 2020-05-21

Keysight First to Market with End-to-End 5G NR-Ready Channel Emulation Solutions
Solutions enable performance validation of chipsets, devices, and base stations across all 5G new radio signal bandwidths and carrier aggregation schemes.

Press Materials 2020-05-21

M9018B and M9019A PXIe 18-slot chassis - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides technical specifications and characteristics for the Keysight M9018B and M9019A PXIe 18-slot Chassis.

Data Sheet 2020-05-20

34970 Series Data Acquisition/ Data Logger Switch Unit Collection Page
Provides a series of information and catchy short videos to help you get a hold of Keysight instruments and make the most out of your measurements.

Demo 2020-05-20

FieldFox Handheld Analyzers 4/6.5/9/14/18/26.5/32/44/50 GHz - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes configurations, options, and accessories for the FieldFox family of portable analyzers. Use this guide in conjunction with the technical overviews and data sheets.

Configuration Guide 2020-05-20

89600 VSA and 89600 WLA Software Revision History
Version 2020 (April 2020)

Release Notes 2020-05-19

Versatile material test solution 5GHz - 110GHz
Easy to use free space solution for permittivity,permeability, and oblique reflection

Brochure 2020-05-19


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