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Z2098B UXG Threat Simulator Calibration System
Keysight's threat simulator calibration systems are the calibration solution for Keysight's Z2098B threat simulator source systems

Data Sheet 2020-06-15


Demo 2020-06-15

Active Electrical Cable Technology for Ixia 400GE to 4x100GE with PAM4-to-NRZ Conversion
Data center operators have widely deployed mature 100GE NRZ-based technologies. However, higher speeds, such as 400GE, create a new mixed signaling, mixed FEC, multi-rate environment. This new environment produces unique challenges relating to the integration of PAM-4-based 400GE and 100GE-capable switch ports with existing 100GE NRZ signaling-based switch port technology. Keysight now offers the first, cost-effective test solution that enables data center operators to leverage 400 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) capable test ports to link with and test legacy 100GE network equipment. The test solution bridges the signaling gap between incompatible PAM4- and NRZ-encoded signaling. It removes potential compromises in testing configurations to improve overall performance validation and quality. The active electrical cable (AEC) technology performs the necessary conversions to allow a PAM4-encoded port to interoperate with an NRZ-encoded port. The solution provides support for testing four ports of 100GE NRZ from a single port of 400GE QSFP-DD PAM4 in 4x100GE speed mode. Open the document referenced for details on the Ixia AresONE 400GE test system and AEC technology enable data center operators to accelerate validation of 100GE NRZ devices and network infrastructure while leveraging 400GE-capable PAM-4 ports to support demand in the future.

Application Note 2020-06-15

Application Identification and Filtering in AppStack
A list of released application identification and filtering signatures for AppStack. Includes Amazon S3, Box, Facebook, GitHub, Instragram, IMAP, Netflix and many more.

Solution Brief 2020-06-15

11713D/E Operating and Service Manual
Keysight 11713D/E Attenuator/Switch Driver Operating and Service Manual

User Manual 2020-06-15

Nemo Outdoor
This brochure introduces the key features and benefits of Nemo Outdoor

Brochure 2020-06-15

Release Notes (Version 10.25.00607)
Release notes for version 10.25.00607 of the Infiniium UXR-Series real-time oscilloscopes software.

Release Notes 2020-06-15

PROPSIM FS16 5G Channel Emulation Solution
5G user experience depends on device performance in harsh mobile environments. Keysight’s channel emulators enable you to validate device and base station end-to-end real-world performance in the lab.

Solution Brief 2020-06-15

PROPSIM FS16 5G Channel Emulation Solution - Solution Brief
5G user experience depends on device performance in harsh mobile environments. Keysight’s channel emulators enable you to validate device and base station end-to-end real-world performance in the lab.

Solution Brief 2020-06-15

PDF PDF 10.10 MB
Z2098B V-UXG Threat Simulator Source System
Keysight's threat simulator source system is a fully integrated system.

Data Sheet 2020-06-15

Enterprise Challenges with Network Visibility: Requirements, Considerations, and Use Cases
Enterprises have specific needs to secure and manage the nervous system of their IT system—which is their network. Network visibility helps ensure application performance because most applications are highly dependent on the network. Compliance, auditing, and security requirements demand visibility into how IT resources interoperate, and network visibility is required to gain insights into how well they are functioning. If IT organizations do not have complete network visibility, the resulting blind spots may lead to missing critical security threats and availability or performance anomalies. This ESG White Paper describes how network visibility provides insight into the biggest challenges facing IT, as reported in ESG’s annual research.

Article 2020-06-15

Buying Guide — Which iBypass Belongs in your Network?
Ixia Bypass Switches are inline devices that provide fail-safe protection for inline security and monitoring devices. Here is a guide to help you choose the right iBypass switch for your particular deployment.

Solution Brief 2020-06-15

N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - Data Sheet
Data sheet for the N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer

Data Sheet 2020-06-15

M8920A Radio Test Set
M8920A PXIe Radio Test Set Configuration Guide covering current hardware and software options.

Configuration Guide 2020-06-15

IO Libraries Suite 2020
This datasheet for Keysight IO Libraries Suite 2020 provides specifications for system requirements, supported interfaces, utilities, and summaries of other tools supported by Keysight Technologies.

Data Sheet 2020-06-15

License Compatibility Table
List of compatible Licenses for Keysight EDA software.

Reference Guide 2020-06-14

Downloading Your Keysight EDA Software
Downloading Keysight EDA software involves saving a file to a temporary directory and then following installation instructions to install the software.

Reference Guide 2020-06-14

Support Home
PathWave WaferPro (WaferPro Express) support home page in PathWave Design Software Knowledge Center.

User Manual 2020-06-14

U3810A Advanced IoT Teaching Lab Solution - Demo
Bluetooth Low Energy Communication and Compliance Test

Demo 2020-06-12

U3810A Advanced IoT Teaching Solution Getting Started Guide
This Getting Started Guide contains solution overview, setup, verification and troubleshooting information.

Quick Start Guide 2020-06-12

Photovoltaic / Solar Array Simulation Solution
Whether your inverter has one or twelve inputs / MPPTs, Keysight's Photovoltaic / Solar Inverter Test Solution can help you go beyond the test standards to maximize performance and bankability.

Data Sheet 2020-06-12

400GE Data/Network Center Validation – Layer 1 Test with FEC
Go beyond classical pseudo random binary sequence (PRBS) measurements with the industry's first test solution for 400GBASE devices and components. The solution consists of the M8040A BERT, combined with the A400GE-QDD, and a multiport 400G Ethernet module tester.

Demo 2020-06-12

M8091CKPA Pre-Compliance Receiver Test Application for IEEE 802.3ck
The M8091CKPA receiver test application offers accurate and repeatable receiver test based on the Channel Operating Margin (COM) following the IEEE 802.3ck chip-to-chip recommendations to ensure interoperability between next generation datacom devices.

Data Sheet 2020-06-12

Regulatory Compliance and Other Networking Challenges
A top concern of corporate IT departments today is how to maintain compliance with evolving regulatory initiatives. To maintain compliance, organizations need to establish greater visibility into the data that flows through their networks, where it goes, and how to control it. They can achieve this by creating a visibility architecture, which is end-to-end infrastructure that delivers network, application, and security visibility. This visibility allows you to optimize your network data capture, data privacy, and compliance verification techniques. Deployment of data masking, network monitoring, regular expression (regex) searching, packet trimming, and lawful intercept enables organizations to better comply with local and international regulations.

Case Study 2020-06-12

U2751A USB Modular Switch Matrix Users and Service Guide
This User’s and Service Guide provides information including operation and features, characteristics and specifications of Keysight U2751A USB Modular Switch Matrix.

Service Manual 2020-06-12

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