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How to Solve Signal Integrity Problems: The Basics
How to Solve Signal Integrity Problems: The Basics shows you how to use basic signal integrity (SI) analysis techniques such as eye diagrams, S-parameters, time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and single pulse response to solve signal integrity problems.

How-To Video 2018-09-18

How to Design for Power Integrity: Optimizing Decoupling Capacitors
This short video will show how to optimize the decoupling capacitors for your next power delivery network.

How-To Video 2018-06-01

How to Avoid Costly Mistakes in Designing Phased Array Systems
This video will show how to avoid 3 costly steps in designing a phased array. 1) Not predicting the failure of spurious emission masks (SEM) in simulation, which leads to higher development cost and missing time to market windows. 2) Not exploring thoroughly in one simulation, which leads to blind angles. 3) Relying primarily on spreadsheet calculations, which leads to longer design and development cycles.

How-To Video 2018-02-01

The Fixer Shows How Ixia Network Visibility Takes On the Hacker
Ixia’s network visibility solutions make it hard on hackers.

How-To Video 2017-08-29

Up to 90% Power Conversion Efficiency with RP7900 Regenerative Power Systems
Keysight's RP7900 Series of Regenerative Power Systems (RPS) operate in 2-quadrants and can source power, like a traditional power supply, and absorb (sink) power, like a traditional electronic load. However, when operating as an electronic load, instead of dissipating the absorbed power as heat, the RP7900 Series regenerates the power back to the grid, saving on energy and cooling costs. This solution is particularly useful for high-power EV tests with growing vehicle electrification.

How-To Video 2017-08-07

How to Estimate Voltage Spikes from Layout Parasitic Inductance in Switched-Mode Power Supplies
We showed you how to deal with layout parasitic inductance in our previous video entitled “How to design DC-to-DC power converters”, but a frequently asked question was “When should I start to worry about layout parasitics inductance? Is there a quick rule of thumb that says kind of ‘Caution: Further investigation’s needed?’” The answer is yes and this follow up video is about how to make these estimates.

How-To Video 2017-07-17

How to Simplify Device Model Extraction using an Open Source User Interface
This video shows an example of an IC-CAP custom user interface (UI) for device modeling. In the selected modeling application, the DC modeling of a Zener diode is intentionally kept simple in order to demonstrate the features of the UI.

How-To Video 2017-06-26

How to Extract a BSIM4 DC Model
This video introduces a general DC modeling and characterization flow for the BSIM4 model, which is one of the most popular models used by the industry today for bulk CMOS.

How-To Video 2017-05-24

Keysight 5G Network Emulation Solutions. 5G Protocol R&D Toolset
5G-related features such as beamforming at mm-Wave and spectrum sharing increase test complexity considerably. To succeed in the fast-moving 5G industry, you must be able to emulate all the 5G system elements flexibly, make accurate measurements and make informed decisions during the prototyping phase. From the industry leader in protocol and mm-Wave test, the 5G Protocol R&D Toolset is the first in a series of Keysight 5G Network Emulation Solutions to help you streamline your current and future 5G device workflow.

How-To Video 2017-05-22

How to Design for Power Integrity: DC-DC Converter Modeling and Simulation
This video describes how to create an accurate DC-DC Converter measurement based model (MBM) from just a few simple measurements.

How-To Video 2017-04-07

How to do Probe Compensation
Learn how to compensate your passive probes to make more accurate oscilloscope measurements.

How-To Video 2017-04-01

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Choosing a Probe Attenuation Ratio
Learn more about probe attenuation and how it affects your oscilloscope measurements.

How-To Video 2017-04-01

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How to Design Phased Array Systems
This video presents the most important considerations for phased array system design, especially popular for proposed 5G architectures.

How-To Video 2017-03-08

How to Generate, Analyze and Calibrate Custom and Pre-5G Signals at 28 GHz

How-To Video 2017-02-09

Using Oscilloscope Current Probes to Measure IoT Power Consumption
Demonstrates how to measure highly variable current consumption of a battery-operated IoT devices.

How-To Video 2016-11-13

How to Design for Power Integrity: Measuring, Modeling, Simulating Capacitors and Inductors
This video shows how to make capacitor and inductor measurements efficiently and how to use the results directly or create high fidelity measurement based models for simulation in Advanced Design System (ADS).

How-To Video 2016-11-07

How to Design Custom RF, Microwave and Analog Filters
This video shows a custom filter design technique based on Direct or Exact Synthesis in which the filter response is first shaped and customized to meet specifications before a suitable topology is extracted and transformed for the most economical realization.

How-To Video 2016-09-01

Solar Inverter Testing with Array Simulation Control Software for the N8900APV
Solar array simulation control software can create curves based on three popular methods including the Sandia and EN50530 standard. The control software can vary the irradiance, simulating cloud cover and test duration. A single N8900APV Solar Array Simulator is designed to test string inverters up to 15 KW.

How-To Video 2016-08-30

Precision IoT Power Consumption Measurements Using a Device Current Waveform Analyzer
Analyze battery drain in high speed battery operated devices using a device current waveform analyzer.

How-To Video 2016-08-03

Understanding IoT Battery Life Measurements
Demonstrates the behavior of an IoT device, such as sleep mode to measurement cycles, display cycles and RF data transmission, and how the current consumption varies widely from micro amps .

How-To Video 2016-08-03

How to Eliminate Layout Induced Oscillations
This video describes how to predict and ultimately eliminate layout induced oscillation using electromagnetic analysis.

How-To Video 2016-06-14

How to Model Nonlinear Magnetics
This video shows how to model nonlinear magnetic components as part of a complete switching convertor circuit simulation.

How-To Video 2016-05-27

How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: The Series
A collection of "How to Design Power Amplifier" videos from Keysight EEsof EDA.

How-To Video 2016-05-13

How to Design for Power Integrity: Selecting a VRM
This video explains why you should avoid Voltage mode VRMs and shunt compensation for the VRM Error Amplifier. The better performance of a current mode VRM with series compensation for the Error Amplifier is clearly demonstrated with simulations and measurements.

How-To Video 2016-05-05

How to Accurately Measure and Validate S-Parameters for Transistor Modeling
This video explains and demonstrates a method to develop accurate Spice models based on verified S-parameter measurements. The video walks you through the entire modeling flow for two RF spiral inductors using IC-CAP.

How-To Video 2016-04-04

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