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5G Network Mobile Field Testing
Wideband tracking antennas for mobile full directional FFT-based spectrum analysis of 5G Networks from Keysight Technologies and TA Engineering, Inc.

Solution Brief 2018-05-01

Validate Security Resilience in Cloud Environments
This white paper describes how testing cloud security architecture before and after deployment helps reduce risk and achieve the full benefits of cloud.

Solution Brief 2018-02-28

~325GHz Lens Antenna Method, Diagonal incidence type Wave Absorber, Return Loss Measurement System

Solution Brief 2018-02-22

5G mmW non-signaling Test Solution - Solution Brief
5G Millimeter Wave Non-Signaling Over-the-Air Test Solution: Accelerate 5G Design by Quickly Verifying Multiple Devices

Solution Brief 2018-02-21

A New Standard in Precision Current Stability and Programming Accuracy - BiRa Systems
An Integrated DC Power Solution from Keysight Technologies and BiRa Systems Inc.

Solution Brief 2018-02-12

Keysight Technologies T5510S Cellular + Wi-Fi Emulation System - Solution Brief
This application note introduce the Keysight T5510S Cellular + Wi-Fi Emulation System which helps find complex protocol implementation errors under repeatable real-world traffic and interference conditions for faster troubleshooting, benchmarking, and calibration of multi-mode devices to improve user experience.

Solution Brief 2018-02-01

2.6-110GHz, Frequency change method, Dk/Df Measurement for Radar cover/Emblem for Automotive

Solution Brief 2018-01-22

18-140GHz Sheet, Ultra-thin Sheet Permittivity and Dielectric Loss Tangent Measurement System

Solution Brief 2018-01-22

Capacitance Method, Plate, Liquid, Film, Permittivity and Dielectric Loss Tangent Measurement System
Keycom Corp.

Solution Brief 2018-01-22

From 100kHz to 20GHz Magnetic Property Characteristic(permeability µr' and others)Measurement System

Solution Brief 2018-01-22

Resonance Method Strip Line Type, Film, Permittivity and Dielectric Loss Tangent Measurement System
Keycom Corp.

Solution Brief 2018-01-22

Introduction to the Keysight SD1000A Safety Disconnect Relays - Solution Brief
Engineers working on RP7900A series of regenerative power systems that can output high voltages will benefit greatly from the safety features enabled by Keysight SD1000A safety disconnect relays.

Solution Brief 2017-12-28

Ensuring Medical Alert Pendants are Accurate and Reliable with Modular Functional Test
This application note shows how the 34980A multi-function switch/measure unit is being used to test medical alert devices.

Solution Brief 2017-12-01

One-Stop Calibration and Antenna Calibration - Solution Brief
Keysight's newest locations in Iowa and Canada have new calibration capabilities to offer to customers in the Americas

Solution Brief 2017-11-16

Validate and Model Multi-Mode Devices in a Cellular and Wi-Fi Ecosystem to Deliver Better User Experience
Understand how you can employ a comprehensive Test Automation Platform (TAP) with T5510S emulation for rapid verification of new test scenarios.

Solution Brief 2017-11-01

Deploying SDN and NFV Faster with Cloud Sandboxes
Understand how cloud sandboxing allows on-demand access to replicas of production network environments.

Solution Brief 2017-10-31

Get Visibility into Your Clouds
Acquire reliable and scalable way to get visibility to cloud-based traffic, pinpoint data that is relevant, and deliver it quickly to your monitoring systems.

Solution Brief 2017-10-05

Wireless Device Test: Ensuring Your Internet of Things (IoT) Communication
Keysight Technologies and Circuit Check, Inc. - A high-throughput, scalable test solution for wireless enabled devices helps you meet your time-to market goals.

Solution Brief 2017-10-02

MTEK Series - Legacy ATE System Upgrade Kit – Marvin Test Solutions
MTEK Series - Legacy ATE System Upgrade Kit from Keysight Technologies and Marvin Test Solutions

Solution Brief 2017-09-26

5G RF DVT Toolset - Solution Brief
This flyer introduces the Keysight 5G RF/RRM Design Verification toolset which is a comprehensive solution to address diverse global spectrum requirements and efficiently prototype advanced 5G RF/RRM features, including beamforming at mm-Wave frequencies and standalone/non-standalone use cases.

Solution Brief 2017-09-15

Quantum Researchers Toolkit + Labber - S5060A Solution Brief
Overview of solutions for researchers in quantum information systems identifying and improving the performance of single quantum bit (qubit) and multi-qubit architectures. Solutions includes modular instrumentation and Labber software.

Solution Brief 2017-08-04

Dynatrace and CloudLens Public – Retain Control and Achieve Visibility
Learn how Dynatrace and Ixia bring visibility and control to the public cloud.

Solution Brief 2017-08-01

Testing as a Service (TaaS)
Testing as a Service delivers a fast, repeatable, accurate approach to testing.

Solution Brief 2017-08-01

RSA + Ixia: Secure Visibility within Your Public Cloud
Learn how RSA and Ixia bring security to the public cloud.

Solution Brief 2017-08-01

Savvius and Ixia Work Together to Provide Public Cloud Visibility for APM and NPM
Learn how Savvius and Ixia are helping organizations get visibility in public cloud for application/network performance monitoring and analysis.

Solution Brief 2017-06-28

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