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Quantum Engineering Toolkit (QET) - Solution Brief
Keysight's Quantum Engineering Toolkit (QET) provides control sequence development that manipulates the signal path and complements APIs and Hard Virtual Instrumentation (HVI) controls.

Brève de solutions 2019-01-09

5G Multi-Band Vector Transceiver
The S9100A 5G Multi-Band Vector Transceiver is a streamlined, non-signaling measurement system that enables automated testing of 5G NR equipment in the FR1 (sub-6 GHz) and FR2 (24-44 GHz) bands.

Brève de solutions 2019-01-08

Test Asset Optimization Services PathWave Asset Advisor
Gain insights to improve efficiency by measuring true asset utilization and driving asset sharing through loan pools. Our portfolio of Test Asset Optimization Services spans any manufacturer and scales from one to a network of sites around the world.

Brève de solutions 2018-11-28

5G Non-Signaling Manufacturing Test Solution - Solution Brief
The Keysight 5G non-signaling manufacturing solution uses a industry-proven platform to support multi-device and multi-format test in a single compact configuration. Integrated state-of-the-art automation and efficient sequencing for optimized speed of execution help reduce 5G device manufacturing cost of test and lead to faster time-to-market.

Brève de solutions 2018-11-15

E6953A DSRC COC Test Solution - Solution Brief
The Keysight E6953A DSRC COC test solution is compact single PXIe solutions and the foundation is Keysight’s leadership in wireless technology and measurement science:

Brève de solutions 2018-10-28

Industry-proven low-loss dielectric material test solution 1GHz-10GHz
Easy to use highly repeatable solution with Cavity Resonator perturbation method

Brève de solutions 2018-10-26

Long-awaited mmWave Low-loss Dielectric material test solution
Split Cylinder perturbation method is available up to 80GHz NOW!

Brève de solutions 2018-10-26

Versatile material test solution 5GHz - 110GHz
Easy to use free space solution for permittivity, permeability, and oblique reflection

Brève de solutions 2018-10-26

Frequency Characteristics evaluation for both dielectric and magnetic materials
Permeability and Permittivity measurement with harmonic resonator perturbation method up to 18GHz

Brève de solutions 2018-10-26

Test the Future, Today.
Create tomorrow’s automotive smart mobility and e-mobility technologies today, with design and test solutions from Keysight.

Brève de solutions 2018-10-19

5G Protocol R&D Toolset - Solution Brief
This flyer introduces the Keysight industry-first 5G Protocol R&D Test Solution as a comprehensive suite of tools supporting all phases of wireless device development, from pre-silicon protocol module development, through to systems integration and verification.

Brève de solutions 2018-10-04

Keysight Services United States Free Next-Day Courier Pickup
Count on Keysight’s hassle free courier service to save you time and money when your critical test equipment is in need of repair or calibration.

Brève de solutions 2018-09-18

Regenerative Power Supply Addresses Efficiency, Safety, and Environmental Challenges

Brève de solutions 2018-07-18

Design and Test Solutions for Electro Mobility (E-Mobility) Applications - Solution Brief
This guide explores the electro mobility landscape, and the new design and test challenges and solutions to help bring disruptive technologies for e-mobility to reality faster.

Brève de solutions 2018-07-09

Design and Test Solutions for Electro Mobility (E-Mobility) Applications

Brève de solutions 2018-07-08

Insulation Material Resistivity Measurement - Solution Brief
Keysight B2985A/87A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter and N1424 Resistivity Cell simplify resistivity characterization of insulation materials by providing accurate resistance or current versus time information in real time. Below are key benefits of the solution.

Brève de solutions 2018-06-28

Propsim F64 Manet Channel Emulation Solution
Download this solution overview for more info on a channel emulation solution that supports up to 64 Radios, 4032 independent fading channels, and up to 1.2 GHz of instananeous bandwidth.

Brève de solutions 2018-05-30

5G Network Mobile Field Testing
Wideband tracking antennas for mobile full directional FFT-based spectrum analysis of 5G Networks from Keysight Technologies and TA Engineering, Inc.

Brève de solutions 2018-05-01

Validate Security Resilience in Cloud Environments
This white paper describes how testing cloud security architecture before and after deployment helps reduce risk and achieve the full benefits of cloud.

Brève de solutions 2018-02-28

Loan Pool Services
Use real-time, actionable information to enable day-to-day sharing of instruments across teams and locations through a central resource with Keysight Loan Pool Services.

Brève de solutions 2018-02-26

~325GHz Lens Antenna Method, Diagonal incidence type Wave Absorber, Return Loss Measurement System

Brève de solutions 2018-02-22

5G mmW non-signaling Test Solution - Solution Brief
5G Millimeter Wave Non-Signaling Over-the-Air Test Solution: Accelerate 5G Design by Quickly Verifying Multiple Devices

Brève de solutions 2018-02-21

A New Standard in Precision Current Stability and Programming Accuracy - BiRa Systems
An Integrated DC Power Solution from Keysight Technologies and BiRa Systems Inc.

Brève de solutions 2018-02-12

Utilization and Health Services
Monitor the usage and physical condition of individual assets with true utilization data captured by agents and sensors with Keysight Utilization and Health Services.

Brève de solutions 2018-02-06

Track and Control Services
Use latest technology and a disciplined process to manage the visibility, availability, and compliance of all your test assets with Keysight Track and Control Services.

Brève de solutions 2018-02-06


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