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W1461BP SystemVue – OFDM, Zigbee, Digital Modulation Sources
SystemVue includes IP references, testbenches, and application examples for several common formats such as OFDM, Zigbee, GPS/Galileo. These are included free with the W1461BP base platform.

Selection Guide 2013-09-05

10 Easy Steps To Configure New Keysight N1960A GS-8800 Design Verification & Conformance Test System
Quickly tailor your N1960A GS-8800 Series design verification and conformance test system to achieve your testing goals using this step-by-step guide.

Selection Guide 2013-08-05

7 Easy Steps To Configure Your Keysight N8993A GS-8800 Bench-top RF Design Verification Test System
With easy to follow instructions, this selection guide helps you determine what options to order to tailor the N8993A design verification test system to meet your needs.

Selection Guide 2013-08-01

x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer Software Licensing Support
The Keysight x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer was released in April 2013. It makes use of a licensing system that requires the Host ID information in order to generate the license.

Configuration Guide 2013-07-30

M9362A-D01 - Configuration Guide
The configuration guide for the M9362A-D01 PXIe Quad Downconverter contains a step-by-step process to help you configure and customize your multichannel PXI Vector Signal Analyzer system.

Configuration Guide 2013-07-09

Truevolt Series DMM Post-Purchase Upgrades
Order upgrades to enhance your current Truevolt Series DMM.

Selection Guide 2013-06-17

Automated Switching Solution for Testing Multi-Lane Bus with an Oscilloscope - Configuration Guide
Keysight's switch matrix software option for compliance applications, when used with switch matrix hardware, enables fully-automated testing for multi-lane digital bus interfaces.

Configuration Guide 2013-05-06

Keysight 2000 X-Series versus Hameg HMO Series Oscilloscopes - Selection Guide
See why the InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series is a better oscilloscope than the Hameg HMO Series

Selection Guide 2013-04-04

Pulse Pattern Generators - Selection Guide
This document is aimed to offer an overview of Keysight's Pulse Pattern Generator portfolio in all speed ranges, from low to high.

Selection Guide 2013-01-25

N2828A Make Before Break (MBB) and Header Connections Footprint
See example footprints for the N2828A MBB (Make-Before-Break) and header connections for N2820A Series probes.

Configuration Guide 2013-01-17

Why Upgrade to the 90000 X-Series? Infiniium 90000 X-Series versus 90000A Series Oscilloscopes
Upgrade to the Infiniium 90000 X-Series for dramatically improved signal integrity, bandwidth upgradeability, and available MSO.

Selection Guide 2012-12-20

Industry comparison: 4000 X-Series vs LeCroy WaveSurfer
Imagine an oscilloscope that sees everything, triggers on anything, has the ease-of-use of a tablet device and grows with your projects.

Selection Guide 2012-11-12

B2900A series selection guide
This is a selection guide for customers to choose the best Keysight precision bench-top instrument solution to evaluate their devices.

Selection Guide 2012-10-26

VEE Pro and The MathWorks MATLAB®
This matrix shows which version of MATLAB® is supported in each version of Keysight VEE Pro.

Configuration Guide 2012-10-25

Installing the E1300B/E1301B Mainframe and Plug-in Modules Configuration Guide
Configuration Guide for the E1300B/E1301B Mainframe and Plug-In modules.

Configuration Guide 2012-09-30

N5106A PXB Configuration Assistant
Online interactive documentation of configuration setups for the PXB.

Configuration Guide 2012-08-21

Wireless Test Manager Family - Configuration Guide
Wireless Test Manager Family Configuration Guide describes the powerful, easy to use test automation software for design and manufacturing to meet time to market goals and reduce test cost. It details the mapping of test managers to technologies and test applications. It also covers specific capabilities of each test manager as well as upgrade information.

Configuration Guide 2012-08-13

Research Papers: Academic publications on use of Keysight high-speed digitizers
Summary of scientific papers which provide a wide range of data on where and how Keysight high-speed digitizers are used in the advanced research experiments.

Selection Guide 2012-06-11

PNA/PNA-L Series Microwave Network Analyzers Configuration Guide
This configuration guide applies to the PNA Series E8361C, E8362C, E8363C, and E8364C. Standard configurations are described in this document. For the new PNA Series (N522x), see 5990-7745EN.

Configuration Guide 2012-05-30

Quick Guide to Keysight’s Solutions for High-Speed Cellular
Quick Guide to Keysight’s Solutions for High-Speed Cellular- view a matrix of Keysight’s available solution for each cellular technology.

Selection Guide 2012-05-03

PXIe Optical Extenders for Instrumentation
Keysight's PXIe Optical Link Modules. Keysight's PXIe Optical Link Modules eliminate the need for expensive RF cables, large power amplifiers, remote hardware and difficult calibration routines.

Configuration Guide 2012-04-25

i3070 Configuration Selection Guide
This provide summary for the pin cards combination rules for i3070 as well as the power line selection & coonfiguration guides.

Configuration Guide 2012-03-27

VEE Comparison Table
Keysight VEE Comparison Table

Selection Guide 2011-11-11

Operating System Support by VEE Version
This matrix shows which Keysight development environments are supported on which operating system revisions.

Selection Guide 2011-11-11

InfiniiVision 7000B Series versus Tektronix 4000B Series Oscilloscopes
From the largest display in its class, to the only battery powered models, and including the only 1U-high rack mountable versions, Keysight’s InfiniiVision Series Oscilloscopes give you the form factors and price points you need.

Selection Guide 2011-10-25

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