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Can the U2531A/U2541A/U2542A Data Acquisiton device work in both Single-Ended and Differential mode?
No, the U2531A, U2541A and U2542A Data Acquisiton devices cannot work in both Single-Ended and Differential mode….

FAQ 2008-09-24

Where can I get the terminal pin configuration for each model of the U2300A Series USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) devices?
The terminal pin configuration for each model of the U2300A Series USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) devices can be found in the User’s Guide….

FAQ 2008-09-24

How many U2781A modular chassis can be connected via USB at the same time?
USB has a limit of 127 device connections. Theoretically, about 18 chassis can be connected at a time.

FAQ 2008-09-24

What is the maximum torque force allowable on the 82350B GPIB card connector?
The maximum torque force allowable when attaching a GPIB cable to the 82350B GPIB card connector is 8 in. lbs.

FAQ 2008-09-24

How do I configure Keysight I/O cards and converters to work with the National Instruments software?
There are a few, simple steps that you need to take to make National Instruments software work with Keysight I/O cards and converters.

FAQ 2007-12-09

34970A: Does the Keysight 34970A Include a Noise Limiting Filter for DC Voltage Measurements?
The DMM 34970A is designed using an integrating ADC...

FAQ 2006-08-29

How can I download/upload configuration to/from the 34970A?
Follow the procedures below to download and upload configuration to and from 34970A.

FAQ 2006-02-28

Why doesn't Keysight offer Extra Terminal Blocks or Quick Connect Devices for the 34970A Modules?
Terminal blocks consume precious circuit board space, affect product reliability, add complexity and increase costs considerably.

FAQ 2006-02-02

How do I make a measurement from the front panel with the Keysight 34970A?
This FAQ describes how to setup for a measurement from the front panel using the thermocouple shipped with the 34970A and a 34901A/34902A/34908A module card.

FAQ 2006-02-02

How do I connect a shielded wire to my Keysight 34970A plug-in modules?
You can connect the shield to the module LO or the 34970A chassis...

FAQ 2006-02-02

Are computed channels supported in the Keysight 34970A?
Computed channels are not supported on the 34970A, but are on the BenchLink Data Logger software.

FAQ 2006-01-18

Can I use BenchLink Data Logger 3 to turn on and off switches in the 34903A, 34904A, 34905A, or 34906A at certain intervals?
The BenchLink Data Logger 3 software was designed to be used for data acquisition rather than switching. Therefore the control of switching is limited through the BenchLink Data Logger software.

FAQ 2006-01-18

How do I configure channels in BenchLink Data Logger 3, run a scan in a remote location, and upload the data back into my computer?
Create a setup in BenchLink Data Logger 3 software as you normally would, then go to the "Configuration | Download Open Configuration to 34970A..." menu to download the setup to the 34970A...

FAQ 2006-01-18

Do the 34980A Plug-in Modules come with a Terminal Block?
No. The Terminal Blocks are ordered separately.

FAQ 2005-09-07

34970A: What COM Ports May I Use for RS-232 Connections between the PC and the Keysight 34970A?
The 34970A RS-232 port can be connected to any RS-232 port on your PC.

FAQ 2005-05-09

Do the N2276A/B Switch/Attenuator Driver Cards Support Control of the 84904M, 84905M, and 84908M 50 GHz Attenuators?
Although the attenuators have not been formally tested with the N2276A/B, it is expected that the driver cards provide full compatibility.

FAQ 2005-04-08

Are the N2276A and N2276B multiplexers compatible with the 3499B mainframe?
No, the 3499B is a two-slot controller and the N2276A and N2276B require three slots.

FAQ 2005-03-25

When utilizing either the N2276A or N2276B to drive external attenuators, what are the appropriate options for the attenuators?

FAQ 2005-03-24

What switches are included with the N2276A?

FAQ 2005-03-24

When utilizing the N2276B to drive microwave switches, what are appropriate options for the switches?

FAQ 2005-03-24

E8401A: What is the manual part number for Model E8401A?
The part number is E8401-9000.

FAQ 2004-06-28

What are the Rack Mounting part numbers for the E8408A?
The E8397A plus an 1494-0413 slide or E3663A rail.

FAQ 2004-06-28

E1330B: What is the difference between Model E1330B and Model E1458A?
Model E1330B has 4 ports; and the Model E1458A has 12 ports. The E1458A can input while outputting on a port.

FAQ 2004-06-15

How do I access the 3488A compatibility mode on 3499A/B/C products?
Send the ASCII command, "SYSMODE HP3488A" to the 3499. The front panel may be used to access this mode as well...

FAQ 2004-06-15

E1406A: Is there a way to control the E1406A from a LAN connection?
Use the E5810A LAN to GPIB converter.

FAQ 2004-06-15

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