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New Bootpt.exe file for i3070
The boot issue might occur due to a defect in the BOOTP Turbo software. You can install a newer version of BOOTP Turbo software to resolve the issue
Versions antérieures

Driver Version courante: NA | 2018-05-10

Control XTP driver version 11060116_1.xsvf
The new control XTP firmware version “xtp_11060116_1.xsvf” for both the old NEC 4Mx4bit SRAM and the NEC 2Mx8bit SRAM. It is backward compatible for both SRAM.
Versions antérieures

Driver Version courante: 11060116_1 | 2011-06-15

Scanworks version 3.9.2 PCI-400 driver
This driver should be installed on the XW4600 PC Controllers that are shipped after 24 Jun 2009, if the customer is using i3070 software release earlier than version 07.20p and running Scanworks. Instructions and Service Note 3070-81 are within.
Versions antérieures

Driver Version courante: 3.9.2 | 2009-10-05