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14585A Control and Analysis Software for Advanced Power Supplies
The Keysight 14585A control and analysis software is designed to control the advanced functions of, as well as analyze the data taken from, any combination of four N6705 DC Power Analyzers and/or Advanced Power System (APS) N7900 Series power supplies via the familiar controls of a PC.
Versions antérieures

Computer Software Version courante: | 2019-02-15

N9070A & Z9070B Wideband Signal Analyzer Downconverter Control Utility
Versions antérieures

Instrument Firmware/Software Version courante: 1.0 | 2014-05-15

MIMO Demo Tool Install 1.2.1.msi
This demo tool provides the capability to generate multi-channel waveforms from the M9381A PXIe VSG, including waveforms and sequences of waveforms for WLAN, LTE MIMO, and Carrier Aggregation signals. This demo tool includes source code and a programming guide that can be leveraged when writing your own test code.

Programming Example 2014-05-15

MIMO Config Utility 1.1.6.msi
This utility assists new users in making their first measurements when using the M9381A PXIe VSG and M9391A PXIe VSA in a MIMO environment.

Programming Example 2014-05-15