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Can I export the interval logging data saved in the internal memory of my U1253A Handheld Multimeter?
Yes, you can export the interval logging data saved by upgrade your U1253A Firmware revision to V1.20…..

FAQ 2013-11-17

How do I resolve Error 631/Error 635 when it appears on the display of the 34405A Digital Multimeter during self-test?
You can resolve Error 631/Error 635 on the 34405A Digital Multimeter by performing a firmware upgrade….

FAQ 2009-03-25

What is Option 001 for the Keysight 3458A and is it a retrofittable option?
Option 001 expands reading memory from 20K to 148K (from 10,240 16 bit readings to 65,536 16 bit readings). This is a field installable option. Installation of this option does not affect the instrument calibration.

FAQ 2006-01-30