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How do I check the calibration status of the plug-in modules for the 83480A/54750A?
To check the cal status: Press the left channel setup key/Calibrate.../Cal Status on. Read the channel 1(3) vertical calibration status. If this reads uncalibrated, cal the plug-in. Note the current plug-in delta temp...

FAQ 2004-07-08

How do you interpret the new time drift specifications?
We have recently modified the vertical accuracy specifications for all the 20 GHz channels on the 83480/54750 family of modules. This is based on a review of their current performance. We are working on changes to future modules...

FAQ 2004-07-08

What do I do if the Plug-in vertical calibration fails?
If the 83480A mainframe has option 100 installed, select Trigger/ Trig Bandwidth/DC - 2.5 GHz. The vertical calibration will fail if trigger bandwidth 2 - 12 GHz or 2 - 12 GHz Gate is selected...

FAQ 2004-07-08

How do you calculate vertical channel accuracy for an electrical channel two marker measurement?
The most important thing to point out is that the vertical channel accuracy depends on the user performing the plug-in calibration after the instrument warms up for 1 hour. For best accuracy, this should be done each day...

FAQ 2004-07-08

What equipment is required to calibrate my optical module and is there a Service Guide available?
Keysight does not support customer repair or calibration of the optical modules for the 83480A or 86100A/B. The high cost...

FAQ 2004-06-29

Infiniium Oscilloscopes: Product Information
See the data sheet or call our toll-free phone number.

FAQ 2004-06-17

What is the skew between the analog and digital channels of the 54620/4640-series mixed sgnal oscilloscope? Can I measure the skew?

FAQ 2004-06-09

What is the part number for the 83493A semi-rigid optical cable?
83493-20001 - SEMI RIGID FO CABLE ASSY Note - This optical jumper cable is used to connect the...

FAQ 2004-06-08

What are the part numbers for the 83491A RF jumper cables?
83491-20001 RF CABLE - JUMPER 83491-20002 RF CABLE - 83491A JUMPER Note - The RF Cable jumpers are used to connect the...

FAQ 2004-06-08

Is there a function to add channels 1 and 2 on the 54620/40 series?

FAQ 2004-06-08

What are the part numbers for the 83492A semi-rigid optical cables?
83492-20001 - CABLE ASSEMBLY,FIBER OPTIC SEMI RIGID 83492-20002 - SEMI-RIGID,FIBER OPTIC,SR Note - These optical jumpers are used to connect the...

FAQ 2004-06-08

For the E2688A Serial Mask Kit, how does the loop bandwidth setting affect clock recovery?

FAQ 2004-05-26

How do I use my 1680/1690/16900-series logic analyzer without entering a username and password?

FAQ 2004-05-24

How do I declassify or sanitize my 54620- or 54640-series oscilloscope?

FAQ 2004-05-05

How do I declassify or sanitize my 54600B/C-series or 54645A/D oscilloscope?

FAQ 2004-04-20

The calibration of the plug-ins can be made via hard and softkeys, but the mainframe calibration is protected by a dip switch. Why?
The mainframe calibration requires external equipment for calibration. The procedures for this timebase calibration are in the 83480A Service Manual. It is important to meet the trigger requirements in the procedures to be able to perform a timeba...

FAQ 2004-04-08

The manual says an o/e converter cal is recommended if a wavelength other than the factory default is used. What is the minimum deviation of wavele...
We recommend an o/e cal if the wavelength is > 20 nm away from the cal wavelength.

FAQ 2004-04-08

Can the temperature change be read out via GPIB?
Yes, both the main frame and plug-in module delta temperature can be read out via GPIB...

FAQ 2004-04-08

Is it possible to do a cal via GPIB?
Yes, the plug-in cal can be performed remotely.

FAQ 2004-04-08

The 83480A displays 'cal status' 'current frame delta temp' a difference of + 8°. Do I need to make a calibration?
Yes, the manual recommends making a calibration if the temperature changes more than +/- 5°c. A mainframe calibration of the timebase is recommended. It is possible that the mainframe may still meet the time interval accuracy specifications even t...

FAQ 2004-04-08

Why does the 54750A and/or 83480A screen say 'Plug-in X is uncalibrated'? X can be 1 or 3 depending on the slot the module is in.
The above screen message is displayed if the vertical channel calibration is required. This can be caused by several conditions...

FAQ 2004-04-08

Why does the Extinction ratio dark cal take longer sometimes?
The dark calibration routine checks the plug in calibration status at the start of dark cal. If the plug in calibration status is 'uncalibrated', it first performs the plug in calibration and then performs the dark calibration...

FAQ 2004-04-08

How do I use the 83480A for pulse mask testing?
You will need a repetitive waveform with a pattern trigger. Then you will need to adjust the time delay to find an isolated ONE or Zero in the waveform. The remaining step is to choose the correct pulse mask for your waveform.

FAQ 2004-04-08

What does a ROM Check Sum failure during instrument self test mean?
If the mainframe contains a Beta version of firmware, the ROM self test will always produce a ROM Check Sum error. The ROM Check Sum is set when a new release version is produced. Normal production release versions of firmware have the format A.0x...

FAQ 2004-04-08

Keysight Infiniium Oscilloscopes: Comparison to Keysight 5452x/5454x Oscilloscopes
Refer to the 5452x/5454x Scopes Comparison Chart.

FAQ 2004-04-01

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