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I would like to use the E5850A Time Correlation Fixture, but my 16700-series Logic Analyzer cannot find my Infiniium Scope on the network.

FAQ 2005-09-13

I can't connect to my Infiniium oscilloscope's web interface. How should I troubleshoot this?
The following is a list of troubleshooting ideas to help you fix your Infiniium scope's Web Enable feature ...

FAQ 2005-07-19

How do I perform a system recovery on a 16500B/C logic analyzer?
If your 16500B/C logic analyzer will not boot or is otherwise not working properly, it may be due to a corrupted operating system.

FAQ 2005-06-20

How can I declassify the 83480A or 54750A Memory?
Press: Utility (Hardkey) > System Config... (Softkey) > Declassify Frame Memory (Softkey)

FAQ 2005-05-02

How can I determine which options are installed on my Infiniium oscilloscope?

FAQ 2005-03-23

What options do 5462x/5464x oscilloscopes offer for saving data?

FAQ 2005-02-16

Can you vary the risetimes of the two pulse generators in the 54754A when operating in differential mode?
Yes, the 54754A can employ the powerful math functions of the 54750A/83480A mainframes to accomplish differential TDR with variable risetime analysis. The button press sequence is...

FAQ 2005-02-15

What types of removable disk drives do Infiniium scopes have?
Since their introduction in 1997, Infiniium scopes have offered several removable disk formats.

FAQ 2005-02-14

How do I regain operation with a blank display?
If the fan is running, but the display is blank, it is likely that the instrument is operating but all the pen colors are set to the same color. This makes it impossible to read the display and softkeys. To recover from this situation...

FAQ 2005-01-27

Can I use my Infiniium's USB ports and do they support Hi-speed communication?
Depending on the model of Infiniium you have, you may be able to use the USB ports.

FAQ 2004-11-18

Can I automatically stop my Infiniium from acquiring new waveforms after a certain period of time or number of triggers?

FAQ 2004-11-18

How do I copy files stored on Infiniium's hard drive to a floppy disk?

FAQ 2004-10-29

Which models of Infiniium scopes support the 1130-series InfiniiMax probes?
With the right software revision, any model of Infiniium scope will support the InfiniiMax probes ...

FAQ 2004-09-30

Is there a way to find out the serial numbers of the plug-in modules without removing the module?
The serial numbers of the plug-in modules can be found under the About 86100A menu from the HELP button.

FAQ 2004-09-13

How do I get my 54620/54640-series scope's pattern trigger to be time-dependent?
Your scope's pattern trigger simply looks for high, low, or "don't care" states across its channels. It is not time-dependent...

FAQ 2004-09-08

I would like to transfer data from my Infiniium scope to my PC via LAN. How should I set up each machine?

FAQ 2004-08-30

What software is available for transferring data from my 54600-series oscilloscope to my PC?
Keysight provides free IntuiLink software that will allow you to transfer your oscilloscope's data to your PC.

FAQ 2004-08-19

What is the bandwidth limit (BW Limit) feature, and how does it differ among the various models of Infiniium scopes?

FAQ 2004-08-18

How can I determine the necessary bandwidth and sample rate for my oscilloscope given the data rate of my system under test?
First, determine the fundamental frequency of the data signal ...

FAQ 2004-08-18

How do I use my Infiniium oscilloscope without entering a username and password?

FAQ 2004-08-18

Can I zoom in on a signal with my Infiniium scope for better jitter measurement resolution?
The faster a signal´s edges are, the less vertical noise will contribute to the jitter measurement.

FAQ 2004-08-18

How do I control my Infiniium oscilloscope with IntuiLink over a LAN?
IntuiLink for Infiniium Oscilloscopes is capable of interfacing with all 54800-series scopes via LAN.

FAQ 2004-08-18

Why does my Infiniium scope give measurement results of 9.99999E+37?

FAQ 2004-08-18

How do I upgrade or reinstall my 54800-series oscilloscope's operating system and scope software?
Upgrade and recovery software is available free of charge at ...

FAQ 2004-07-29

Why do I see a discontinuity in the waveform on my DCA?
This discontinuity is caused by the timebase in the DCA. It indicates either that the mainframe has moved more than +/- 5 deg C from the calibration temperature, or the timebase needs adjustment...

FAQ 2004-07-13

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