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How do I save deep memory waveform data from my InfiniiVision oscilloscope to a USB storage device?
Use half-channel mode and ASCII XY, ALB, or BIN format. Within the "Save" menu, press Settings and select the max number of points. Make sure you are at a slow enough time/div setting that all the points are on screen, and then ...

FAQ 2009-05-03

Will the "Auto Power Off" function work when the U1602A/U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope is connected to the AC adaptor?
No, the "Auto Power Off" function only works when the U1602A/U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope is operating with the battery pack....

FAQ 2009-05-03

What does option 001 for the U1602A and U1604A Handheld Oscilloscopes consist of?
A U1602A or U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope with option 001 will have a USB 2.0 host port….

FAQ 2009-05-03

How do I download my preferred Quick Help language for my U1602A/U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope?
Download your preferred Quick Help language for the U1602A and U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope from the Product Reference CD……

FAQ 2009-05-03

How do I connect my InfiniiVision oscilloscope directly to a PC via the LAN interface?
To establish a point-to-point LAN connection, you will need either a PC with an Auto-MDIX network adapter or a crossover (not straight-through) LAN cable.

FAQ 2009-04-23

Are there any programming commands for the U2701A/U2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope?
Yes, the IVI driver is available for the U2701A/2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope instrument control….

FAQ 2009-04-21

Where can I find the U2701A/U2702A IVI-driver's programming reference guide?
The U2701A/U2702A IVI-driver's reference guide is in "Documentation" in the Keysight IVI driver folder upon completion of driver installation

FAQ 2009-04-21

Are there any SCPI programming commands available for the U2701A/2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope instrument control?
No, there are no SCPI commands available for the U2701A/2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope….

FAQ 2009-04-21

How can I password protect my InfiniiVisoni scope on the LAN?
Select Configure Network, then select Modify Configuration.

FAQ 2009-04-18

Which printers are supported by the InfiniiVision oscilloscopes?
Here is a list of tested printers and other printers that are likely to work...

FAQ 2009-04-15

How does one understand the "Count" in InfiniiVision oscilloscope measurement statistics?
"Count" refers to the waveform count from the time Statistics are enabled ...

FAQ 2009-03-30

Do the mean, min, and max values of the InfiniiVision oscilloscopes measurement statistics refer to one signal on the screen or all previously capt...
They refer to the "Count" number of captured waveforms ...

FAQ 2009-03-30

The DSO3000 Series oscilloscope hangs at the first screen after power up and does not boot to the oscilloscope default page. What can I do?
Please disconnect and re-connect the N2861A communication module ...

FAQ 2009-03-30

How does vertical noise impact jitter measurements?

FAQ 2009-03-13

How do I put an Infiniium oscilloscope into XY mode?
All Infiniium models have a math function called "versus", which plots one channel or function versus another channel or function.

FAQ 2009-02-17

When using a U2701A/U2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope, what is the maximum data point of the waveform that I can save ?
When using a U2701A/U2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope, you can save a maximum of 2000 data points for a single channel measurement….

FAQ 2009-02-11

How do I calculate the dc vertical gain accuracy of a U2701A/U2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope?
The dc vertical gain accuracy of a U2701A/U2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope depends on the error values in the measured value....

FAQ 2009-02-04

How can I access to the maximum memory depth (32M/16M) as stated in the U2701A/U2702A Modular Oscilloscope's data sheet?
You can see the effects of maximum memory depth 32/16 Mpts in zoom mode….

FAQ 2009-02-04

Does the Keysight Measurement Manager (AMM) support regional language settings other than English (US)?
Yes, the Keysight Measurement Manager (AMM) supports regional language settings other than English (US)….

FAQ 2009-01-12

How can I use a Keysight oscilloscope as a basic I-V curve tracer?
You can use the ocsilloscope's XY mode to plot I-V characteristics...

FAQ 2008-10-13

What is the purpose of the internal g(t) function available in the Math > Function menu of InfiniiVision 5000/6000/7000 Series Oscilloscopes?
The internal g(t) function can be used as a source of the displayed f(t) function ...

FAQ 2008-10-07

Can you run DSO3000 Series oscilloscope Scope Connect software when logged in as a "Restricted user"?
No, you must be a "Standard user" or an "Administrator" ...

FAQ 2008-10-07

What options do the DSO3000-series oscilloscopes offer for saving data?
You can save data to internal oscilloscope memory or you can use the N2860A Scope Connect software to save data to your PC.

FAQ 2008-09-30

Is it necessary to eliminate any skew between the voltage and current probes? How can I compensate for different delays in probes when using my Inf...
Yes, it is necessary to eliminate skew if your measured time intervals are in the ns range...

FAQ 2008-09-30

Can I automatically position the Y1 and Y2 cursors to the voltage values at X1 and X2?
Yes, using SCPI remote programming commands, follow these steps...

FAQ 2008-09-30

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