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Are there any programming commands for the U1701A Handheld Capacitance Meter?
No, it only offers datalogging with Keysight U1701A GUI Data Logger Software…

FAQ 2009-10-22

Can I perform real time measurement with Keysight U1731A & U1732A Data Logger Software?
The Data Logger Software is to provide an indicative check on the unit and not intended for high timing accuracy measurement…

FAQ 2009-10-20

Can the E4980A make a list sweep measurement at regular time intervals and save the measurement data with time stamp?
Yes. You can make a List Sweep measurement and save the measurement result with time data using Time Stamp function.

FAQ 2009-08-19

What are differences between the 16047A and 16047D?

FAQ 2009-08-13

How can I order the operation notes for the 4285A options 201, 202 and 301?

FAQ 2009-08-13

When the E4980A/4284A LCR meter displays "ALC unable to regulate" error message, what corrective action should be performed?

FAQ 2009-08-13

How to calculate the accuracy for U1731A/U1732A Capacitance Measurements?
The accuracy is calculated using the formula in the data sheet...... The Example......

FAQ 2009-07-16

How to calculate the accuracy for U1731A/U1732A Inductance Measurements?
The accuracy is calculated using the formula in the data sheet...... The Example......

FAQ 2009-07-16

How can I order 10 µF Standard Capacitor to retrofit the 16380C with Option 001?
The 16380V-001 Upgrade Kit for adding 10 µF capacitor is available.

FAQ 2009-07-07

What are the frequency limitations on the various probes utilized with the Keysight 85070E Dielectric Probe Kit and why?
The 85070E Dielectric Probe options 020, 030 and 050 have maximum frequeny via the E4991A Impedance Analyzer of 3 GHz.

FAQ 2009-06-26

Is calibration report included in the 16380V-001 Upgrade Kit which adds the 10 µF standard capacitor to the 16380C?
Yes, the 16380V-001 Upgrade Kit includes the 10 µF standard capacitor and its calibration report.

FAQ 2009-06-23

Can the U1731A/U1732A Handheld LCR Meter measure a battery's internal resistance?
No, the U1731A and U1732A Handheld LCR meters cannot measure active parts like batteries etc.....

FAQ 2009-03-25

Is the Rdc measurement accuracy of the 4287A better than that of the 4286A?

FAQ 2009-03-13

Can the 16092A Spring Clip Fixture be used with the 4287A?
Yes. Please refer to Test Fixtures/Accessories Quick Reference Matrix.

FAQ 2009-03-11

How should I make Rdc measurements with the 4287A to improve measurement stability for low DC resistance below 1 ohm?
It is recommended to set the averaging factor of the 4287A to 4 or above in order to make as stable Rdc measurements as the 4286A does.

FAQ 2009-03-11

Can I use any instrument driver software for the 4284A?
National Instrument’s LabVIEW driver supports the 4284A.

FAQ 2009-03-11

Are the GPIB commands of the 4287A compatible with the 4286A?

FAQ 2009-03-11

What benefits can I get by replacing the 4286A with the 4287A?

FAQ 2009-03-11

Can the Rdc measurement function of the 4287A be used instead of a digital multimeter to measure the DC resistance of an inductor?
No, it is not recommended to measure DC resistance of inductors with the Rdc measurement function. This function is provided for contact check.

FAQ 2009-03-11

What should I perform when the 4287A displays an “OVLD” message?
First, check if the DUT has properly contacted the test fixture’s electrodes. If no contact error is found, check for a possible failure of the 4287A.

FAQ 2009-03-11

Is there a 16060A-like transformer test fixture usable with the E4980A?
No transformer test fixture for the E4980A is available.

FAQ 2009-03-11

Is it possible to create a VBA, LabVIEW or any control program for application and run it on the 4287A?

FAQ 2009-03-11

What should I perform when DC resistance measured with the 4287A is unstable?

FAQ 2009-03-11

What is the output impedance of the 4287A?
Nominal output impedance is 50 ohms.

FAQ 2009-03-11

What is the DC open/short/load calibration used for?

FAQ 2009-03-11

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