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How do I order 3.5 mm connector gauges?
Replacing Connector gauges for 85052B

FAQ 2013-10-30

What’s the difference between E5810B and E5810A?
Please refer to the table for side-by-side comparison below

FAQ 2013-10-25

Do you have an example C# code to control the N4960A BERT?

FAQ 2013-10-21

What are the replacement models for the 856x spectrum analyzers?
Complete listing of the 856x spectrum analyzers. Dates of introduction, discontinuance, end of support and replacement product.

FAQ 2013-10-07

Which version of the CPRI standard is the N5120A compliant to?
The N5120A is compliant up to v1.1.

FAQ 2013-09-27

Why is the segmented memory acquisition mode useful and which Infiniium oscilloscopes support it?
Segmented memory mode offers more efficient acquisition memory usage for storing waveforms with events of interest that are separated by long periods of time. All currently shipping Infiniiums and many older units support segmented memory.

FAQ 2013-09-18

Do you have an example Python code to control the N4960A BERT?

FAQ 2013-09-04

How can I get firmware for the 8614xA/B Optical Spectrum Analyzer?
If your unit needs a firmware upgrade, please contact Keysight Support.

FAQ 2013-09-04

How do I upgrade my E8257D PSG Analog Signal Generator?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software, etc....

FAQ 2013-08-20

How does a user direct a SCPI command to a specific Multi-Port Adapter or to a specific sub-instrument?
Useful commands on how to connect to the X-Host...

FAQ 2013-08-15

M9216A memory sanitization
M9216A memory sanitization

FAQ 2013-06-21

M9185A memory sanitization
M9185A memory sanitization process

FAQ 2013-06-21

M9186A memory clearing process
this document provides information regarding the memory clearing process for M9186A

FAQ 2013-06-18

Replacement of Control XTP, Module Control Card
Frequently Asked Questions about XTPA Module Control Card

FAQ 2013-06-11

How do I remotely program my spectrum or vector signal analyzer?
Instructions, examples, and references for remotely programming your spectrum analyzer

FAQ 2013-05-16

What is the maximum total length of the RJ45 control cable for connecting multiple 34945EXTs?
The maximum total length of the RJ45 control cables is 140 feet.

FAQ 2013-05-06

After purchasing an N9094AK upgrade, must the instrument be sent to a Keysight Service Center to be upgraded?
No. The N9094AK upgrades can easily be installed by the user...

FAQ 2013-04-25

Will Windows 7 work on my existing processor?
There is a minimum configuration/vintage of processors which are compatible with Windows 7 and these are denoted as PC4 and PC5 in the show system screen on your instrument

FAQ 2013-04-25

How do we test LEDs in a circuit that sets them to blink(turn on and off) at periods exceeding 400ms, eg 500ms on, 500 ms off?
The longest integration time for Keysight LED sensor is 400ms between the ‘trigger’ and ‘learn/measre’ commands.

FAQ 2013-04-15

What does the “peak” mode“, "base mode” and "integration time" mean on Keysight LED test?
The sensor will start sampling “LED” color and intensity when it receives a “trigger” command from the testplan. It will continue to samplethe “LEDs” color and intensity until a “learn” or “measure” command.

FAQ 2013-04-15

JBISTGUI utilizes the two channel mode of J-BERT N4903B and configures transmission of the necessary pattern sequences that can enable the BIST-L and BIST-TAS test modes for SATA host and device products. This Software simplifies Keysight’s receiver test setup by eliminating the need to switch between a protocol tester and J-BERT.

FAQ 2013-03-18

How do I view the 3D models that come with the L4490A/L4491A?
The L4490A/L4491A comes with .easm, .igs and .stp files that can be imported into your modeling application.

FAQ 2013-03-13

How can I get 8960 Lab Application Annual Contract Subscription Release Downloads?
Get the latest downloads here

FAQ 2013-02-28

FrameScope/WireScope 350 Download
FrameScope/WireScope 350 Download.

FAQ 2013-02-20

Sample “testplan” for Utility card & FR3070A
Sample “testplan” for Utility card & FR3070A from manufacturing site

FAQ 2013-02-18

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