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What is STAPL?
STAPL stands for Standard Test and Programming Language to support programming of programmable logic devices (PLD).

FAQ 2012-07-01

What is a bus wire test?
The bus wire test looks only for opens on all the bussed boundary scan devices that are not tested by the interconnect test.

FAQ 2012-07-01

What is IEEE Standard 1581?
The IEEE Standard (Std) 1581 is the standard for Static Component Interconnection Test Protocol and Architecture. The IEEE Std 1581 targets testing for low-cost, complex DDR memory devices, which would be able to communicate through another semiconductor device with an IEEE Std 1149.1 boundary scan capability.

FAQ 2012-06-01

What is IEEE Standard 1149.7?
IEEE Standard (Std) 1149.7 is a standard for reduced-pin and enhanced-functionality test access port (TAP) and boundary scan architecture.

FAQ 2012-06-01

For my PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer, what is recommended to do if my instrument is having trouble saving files or the instrument firmware is unexpe...
This issue may be caused by a corrupt firmware file or may be caused by a defect in firmware. Please first try upgrading the instrument’s firmware to the latest version posted on the Keysight web. This issue may also be caused by a hardware probl...

FAQ 2012-05-30

What is the maximum DC input for PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer?
AC/DC coupling values found here...

FAQ 2012-05-30

Why do the high-bandwidth 54850-series Infiniium scopes use a BNC connector?
The 54850-series Infiniium scopes use a "precision BNC" connector.

FAQ 2012-05-08

Is there a connector repair kit available for the 3.5 mm-female precision slotless connector (PSC)?

FAQ 2012-05-04

What is Cover-Extend Technology?
Cover-Extend Technology (CET) is a hybrid between VTEP and boundary scan. It draws the best from what each technology offers and enhances the overall capability of Keysight in-circuit test systems.

FAQ 2012-05-01

What are the IEEE standards that are supported or which are being proposed for support by Cover-Extend Technology?
The available IEEE standards/drafts concerning Cover-Extend Technology are IEEE 1149.1 - IEEE Standard Test Access Ports and Boundary Scan Architecture.

FAQ 2012-05-01

Do the ENA provide a probe power connection for active probes?

FAQ 2012-04-17

Which Connector Types Can Be Safely Connected, and Which Types May Cause Damage to the Interface?

FAQ 2012-04-05

What TAP signals are sampled during the rising edge of a TCK signal?
The test mode state (TMS) and test data in (TDI) signals are sampled into the test logic on the rising edge of a test clock (TCK) signal.

FAQ 2012-04-01

What TAP signals are sampled during the falling edge of a TCK signal?
The test data out (TDO) signals of the test access port (TAP) are sampled into the test logic on the falling edge of a test clock (TCK) signal.

FAQ 2012-04-01

How can I clear the memory on an 8566B, 8567A, or 8568B Spectrum Analyzer for security reasons?
See content for details on this subject....

FAQ 2012-03-29

How do I establish a peer-to-peer connection between my PC and an InfiniiVision 5000/6000/7000 Series oscilloscope?
There are two methods ...

FAQ 2012-03-27

Does 89600 VSA software (89601) support the Bluetooth® Difference Error Vector Magnitude (DEVM) test?
The 89601 Option AYA does not provide DEVM results for Bluetooth basic measurement. Keysight recommends using N9081A Bluetooth measurement application.

FAQ 2012-03-27

What Options would my PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer require to operate in an N5530S / N5531S Measuring Receiver system?
It is highly recommended that your PSA have with Option 1DS (100 kHz to 3 GHz Preamplifier) or Option 110 (10 MHz to 26.5 GHz / 50 GHz preamplifier) for improved dynamic range.

FAQ 2012-03-15

What field of view (FOV) magnifications are available?
The x6000 does not use the field of view (FOV) concept, it uses an autofocus technique that sizes the inspection image to the joint type being inspected. Several slices are evaluated for the sharpest region to determine the slice location.

FAQ 2012-03-12

Is a W-CDMA Test uSIM included with the W-CDMA TA and LA?
The W-CDMA Test uSIM is included with the E6703C W-CDMA Lab Application. It is not included with E1963A Test Application.

FAQ 2012-03-02

How does the 8960 & E1961A AMPS/136 Mobile Test Application compare to the 8920B?
This comparison table indicates the ....

FAQ 2012-03-02

Why is the measured PCS band PvT mask position -6 dBc for -10 us, Mobile Station Transmit power levels 11-15, instead of following the ETSI 11.10 s...

FAQ 2012-03-02

What 8960 settings might I need to change from the default power-on state to get my W-CDMA mobile to connect on a call?
W-CDMA is a very flexible technology that requires the UE firmware, 8960 settings, and uSIM values to be consistent. If you are experiencing difficulty with Location Update, Authentication, or Call Connection, try some of these settings, one at a ...

FAQ 2012-03-02

Can or will the N9081A and W9081A support Bluetooth® 4.0?
Yes, the N9081A and W9081A support the low energy measurements enabled by Bluetooth 4.

FAQ 2012-03-02

Is there an advantage when purchasing the E6569 WTM Suite over purchasing the individual products separately?
The price of the suite is much lower than purchasing all the WTM separately. The other difference is that the Suite is licensed for a single PC and ships with one security key. More...

FAQ 2012-03-01

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