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Make Better AC RMS Measurements with Your Digital Multimeter - Application Note
Learn about the complexity of ac rms measurements and how to deal with them

Nota de aplicação 2017-11-07

Optimize your wideband test solution
download new application note: Optimize your wideband test solution

Nota de aplicação 2017-02-21

Simulation of Jittering Synchronization Signals for Video Interfaces (PN 4) - Application Note
This Product Note shows how Research and Development engineers use pulse generators of the Keysight 81100 Family for the development of interfaces ...

Nota de aplicação 2006-12-12

Remote Keyless Entry Application
This Application Note describes the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) or Immobilizers applications on Keysight TS-5400 and TS-5020 Test Systems.

Nota de aplicação 2006-11-13

81100 Family of Pulse Pattern/Generators Radar Distance Test to Airborne Planes (PN 1) - App Note
This Product Note describes how a trigger pulse train of double pulses is sent from the control tower's radar system to an airplane.

Nota de aplicação 2004-10-12

Using Psycho-acoustic Analysis to Characterize Product Noise
In this White Paper by Josef Hobelsberger of Mueller BBM and Al Prosuk of m+p international, it's been said that the 20th century is not simply the age of industry, but the age of noise. No matter where we work, where we live, or what we do, noise surrounds us. Increasingly, product manufacturers...

Nota de aplicação 2004-02-20

Multi-channel signals with the Keysight E1440A
The attached Application Note is an example describing the test of vehicle receivers used in Decca-type location systems that require a number of synthesizers to simulate the signals from a number of fixed transmitters. The frequencies, which are multiples of the master transmitter frequency...

Nota de aplicação 2004-02-20

How to Choose VXI-based Scanning A/D Converters, Waveform Digitizers, and Oscilloscopes
This Product Overview discusses types of measurements considered and makes choosing Keysight VXI-based Scanning A/D Converters, Waveform Digitizers, and Oscilloscopes easier by making comparisons between various models. Scanning A/Ds, waveform digitizers and oscilloscopes all digitize analog...

Nota de aplicação 2004-02-20

Optimizing System Design for Rapid Development, Fast Execution and Re-use

Nota de aplicação 2004-01-27

IO Libraries support of IEEE 1394 CardBus/PCMCIA Cards
Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP have built-in support for IEEE 1394, enabling us to support several IEEE 1394 CardBus/PCMCIA Cards.

Nota de aplicação 2002-09-11

Understanding FireWire
New Serial Interface Promises Easier, Faster, and Cheaper Instrument Control Scaleable, flexible, and plug-and-play, FireWire (aka IEEE specification 1394.1995) is an ideal interface to connect...

Nota de aplicação 2002-06-27

Pulse Parameter Definitions - Application Note
Definitions of Terms used with Pulse/Pattern/Data Generators

Nota de aplicação 2002-04-08

VXI System Helps IC Package Company Test ICs
In recent years IC density have been increasing. Read how VXI Systems can help solve these test issues.

Nota de aplicação 2001-12-20

VXI Puts Chinese Refrigerators Through Tests
Throughput was low, because the system was inflexible and could complete only one kind of test for a single batch of refrigerators. When they were tested sequentially, only six refrigerators could be tested per week.

Nota de aplicação 2001-12-20

VXI Systems Help Test Crystal Oscillators
This is an electronic manufacturing test case study

Nota de aplicação 2001-12-20

I/O Libraries Supported Interfaces - Application Note
IO Library

Nota de aplicação 2001-12-12

Functional Test & Data Acquisition I/O Benchmarks
The following benchmarks compare computer I/O performance in functional test and data acquisition applications.

Nota de aplicação 2001-12-04

VXI Test System Helps Ensure Elevator Function, Safety
This Technical Note describes how Keysight VXI equipment helped an Asian manufacturer ensure elevator function and safety. Results included reduced test times and reduced rejection rates!

Nota de aplicação 2001-08-01

How to Drive the Keysight Microwave Matrix and Transfer Switch via the E8483A Microwave Switch...
The Keysight E8483A contains the control, drive, and power circuitry for controlling both microwave switches and step attenuators. Any combination of up to six devices (switches or attenuators) can be controlled by an E8483A. This Product Note covers how to drive microwave matrices and transfer...

Nota de aplicação 2001-05-16

VXI A Clear Choice For Atmospheric Tests
VXI A Clear Choice For Atmospheric Tests

Nota de aplicação 2001-05-04

VXI Tests Swedish Company's Welding Machines
For the complete Case Study describing the Keysight E1302A VXI test system configuration and results, please see the attached document on this page.

Nota de aplicação 2001-04-13

VXI I/O Using the IEEE 1394 Serial Bus (FireWire)
FireWire, IEEE 1394, IEC 1883. These titles refer to a high-speed serial bus that is literally a new standard for transmitting data between PCs and consumer electronics.

Nota de aplicação 2001-04-13

VXI-Based Test Station Reduces Development Cost and Cycle Time
This article describes a system called the Hellfire II Common Core Test Station which can be used for both military and commerical uses.

Nota de aplicação 2001-04-13

Using VXI to Reduce Test-System Size and Cost
describes how how VXI hardware and updated software can simplify the redesign of older test systems

Nota de aplicação 2001-04-10

Firewire for VXIbus, The Keysight E8491B
IEEE 488, known also as HP-IB or GPIB, started out as one of the first ways to connect a computer to external instrumentation.

Nota de aplicação 2001-04-10

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