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The Future of Design and Simulation Workflows
While design engineers are facing many challenges, the most pressing are in the areas of data sharing and analysis. This report underscores the need for a new way to connect design and test data across the workflow.

Nota de aplicação 2019-02-22

Simplifying the Economics of Test and Repair in Both the Factory and Depot - White Paper
This paper explores how to calculate the cost-of-test.

Nota de aplicação 2019-02-21

ATE System Level Calibration and Its Impact on Cost, Quality and Schedule - White Paper
This paper proposes an alternative method to provide system level specification and system measurement calibration which will extend the system’s ability to be used for multiple products.

Nota de aplicação 2017-03-20

Getting the Calibration You Need - Application Note
Calibration is the process of measuring the actual performance of an IUT using lab instruments that have significantly better performance than the IUT. Selecting the right calibration provider is key.

Nota de aplicação 2015-04-24

Dicas para Prevenir Danos ao Testador de Comunicação (Test Set) - Resumo de Aplicação
Dicas para Prevenir Danos ao Testador de Comunicação (Test Set) - Modelos populares - E5515A/B/C/T

Nota de aplicação 2015-01-08

Layout of Calibration Certificates And Measurement Reports - Application Note
This document explains what you can expect to see on your Calibration Certificates, including how measurement results are reported and when adjustments are done.

Nota de aplicação 2014-03-20